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Renewable energy business being built on former North East coal-mining village

Jörd Energy directors Garry Coulson (left) and Ian Goodwin outside their Ashington head office.

The renewable energy industry has just got hotter with the launch of a new North East based business.

Jörd Energy – which specialises in commercial and residential ground source heat pumps and solar panel installations and is located on the site of the former Ashington Colliery – is led by sector experts Garry Coulson and Ian Goodwin, and employs 20 local people.

Based on Wansbeck Business Park, Jörd has now begun partnering one of the area’s largest private landlords in a major regeneration project, with renewable energy at its very heart.

Garry Coulson, Jörd joint managing director and a former director of award-winning Saving Energy North East, said: “With our arrival, the competition in the renewable energy industry has just got considerably hotter.

“Ian is a terrific asset and pooling our expertise is a very exciting prospect. He has been involved with the renewable energy industry for the best part of a decade and is incredibly knowledgeable about this sector.

“And, with a background in IT and investment banking, his business acumen adds a different dimension.

“Saving Energy was a very successful business and was known for its innovation and the quality of its work, and Jörd will continue down that same path. Jörd’s pedigree is second to none.

“We chose the name Jörd because in Norse mythology, she was the mother of the thunder god, Thor, and she is the personification of the Earth, which fits brilliantly with our business.”

Ian Goodwin, Jörd Energy joint managing director, said: “I am delighted to be joining Garry in the launch of Jörd. Over the last few years I got to know him – and his business – extremely well. We chose Wansbeck Business Park as the location for Jörd which is the site of the former colliery.

“At its height, Ashington was regarded as the world’s largest coal-mining village, and Jörd will continue the tradition of harvesting the energy reservoir in the ground beneath our feet.

“However, in our case, we will not be extracting carbon in the form of coal, simply heat from the ground. And ground source heat pumps provide the lowest running cost of any heating system.

“Additionally, we are also bringing much-needed employment to the area, and have a 20 strong workforce which we are actively building on.”