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Ring supports motorists with improved online bulb finder

With one of the largest ranges of 12V bulbs in the European market, which combined can be applied across 500,000 applications on vehicles from the past 50 years, vehicle lighting specialist, Ring, has improved its online tool Find My Bulb to help motorists to find the right product for their needs.

Although technically complex to develop, the online tool is simple for motorists to use giving them the chance to update details of the make and model of their vehicle before searching through a relevant selection of standard, performance, LEDs and heavy-duty lighting, as well as bulb kits.

As all products in the range are of OE quality and E marked where applicable, motorists know that they can rely on Ring bulbs to provide brighter, whiter light on the roads, improving safety and visibility while driving.

In addition, all bulbs from the brand are tested in its onsite, state-of-the-art quality assurance laboratories, which use industry leading equipment including cutting-edge photometry and light tunnel technology to benchmark against other suppliers in the market.

Carl Harrison, Vehicle Lighting Product Manager, comments: “Having the right bulb for a wide number of cars and applications has always been crucial for Ring; it is one of the factors that make us a leading supplier in the UK and across Europe for automotive lighting.

“We are proud to say we have been at the forefront of bulb development for nearly half a century however this breadth of offering can lead to some confusion for the motorist.

“It may sound simple but developing and improving Find My Bulb makes searching for the right product so much easier. We know that customers would find it a challenge to scroll through pages of results when looking for the correct bulb in our extensive range of products, whereas now they can insert the make and model of their car and the online tool will provide relevant references.

“Not only can motorists find what they are looking for they can be confident that when they buy from Ring, they are getting market leading quality too.”