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Scarborough social enterprise cafe swims to new shores

The Seafood Social Cafe, Scarborough

Yorkshire seafood giant, Whitby Seafoods move The Seafood Social to a new location, as they continue their mission to support the homeless.

Opened by Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, the cafe has made the move from its current location in Scarborough Market Hall, to Scarborough High Street. It will continue to serve up bloomin’ good seafood dishes, using Whitby Seafoods products, and gives people the opportunity to pay it forward and support the local community.

The Seafood Social, which opened its doors in 2017, works in partnership with The Rainbow Centre, a Scarborough-based initiative that aims to tackle homelessness and long-term unemployment. The cafe offers employment and skill-building opportunities, as well as top-notch seafood for locals and tourists to enjoy.

One cafe is just the start. Whitby Seafoods have made it their mission to make this a national initiative and aim to one day have a chain of seafood cafes across the UK. All profits raised from these cafes will go to support social action charities, similar to Scarborough charity, The Rainbow Centre, which support those most in need.

Trish Kinsella has managed The Rainbow Centre for over 20 years, ‘ she said: “It’s fantastic to work with a company that is just as passionate as me about helping the homeless. Our aim is to provide welfare support to those who have been unable to find work due to homelessness, poverty and substance misuse. The Seafood Social is incredible, not only does it support the charity financially, but helps to give people wages and further employment opportunities.”

Shaun Hughes, an employee at The Seafood Social, said: “This has been much more than a job, it’s given me a new lease of life. The Rainbow Centre has supported me through many hardships in life and landing a job at The Seafood Social was one of the best things that happened to me. Not only do I have a regular income, but it’s given me a purpose and I’ve made some good friends here too.”

Laura Whittle, Sales & Marketing Director at Whitby Seafoods said: “The Seafood Social first started as we, at Whitby Seafoods, felt that more could be done to help the local Scarborough community. We couldn’t be happier about the move to the new premises, the higher footfall means that we’ll be able to make and donate even more profits to The Rainbow Centre and continue our mission. We can’t wait to see where we go from here!”

The Seafood Social is now open to the public, located on Scarborough High Street, 7 Aberdeen Walk.