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Shipster Sets Sail for the Digital City Awards 2021

The annual Digital City Awards are approaching, and ever-growing business Shipster are one of two companies shortlisted for the System Integrators award. In the wake of uncharted territory, handling the Brexit transition on top of a global pandemic, the company has striven forward.

Shipster support the shipping operations of client warehouses all over the UK and after moving work home from their Manchester Northern Quarter office, the team adapted quickly to an ever-changing environment. Despite what was happening in the world, Shipster managed to maintain their usual high level of customer service, all whilst constantly tweaking and upgrading their systems to keep on top of the shipping game, including a Shipster Brexit Build. The team also delivered a pandemic support package that gave free shipping licenses to medical PPE suppliers and extending client payment terms during lockdown.

Owner and Director Tony Cheetham says: “‘It’s been a tough year for everyone in the shipping/logistics sector and winning this award would be the perfect end to the last year. I’m especially happy to be considered for a Digital City award and I wish good luck to our competition and all other nominees.”

Damian Donnelly, Client Services Director says: ‘We are an agile team with fantastic engineering skills, frequently building new integrations, refining and future-proofing the ones that we have. Being nominated for this award brings a great feeling of recognition for the hard work that has come from this awesome team!”

Shipster’s challenges, achievements and contribution to the digital sector is being assessed by a judging panel that includes Stephanie Genin (Hootsuite), Kirstie Buchanan (CTI Digital), Mark Joyce (Sky Bet UK) and Kate Patton (Tech Nation).

In anticipation of the result, Marketing Director Hayley Cowburn says,

“We’re really proud of how well our team adapted to the challenges of this past year whilst simultaneously supporting clients through the Brexit transition. To have their work publicly recognized is just fantastic and I can’t wait for our Zoom awards night! Good luck to everyone”.

The 2021 Digital City Festival will be held virtually on the Digital City Network online platform. The exploration as to what makes a leading digital city is taking place between Monday 12th and Friday 23rd April. Inspirational thought-leaders from around the world are hosted to discuss key challenges facing businesses, governments and people as we begin to navigate a post-pandemic world. Global pioneers, ambitious innovators and educators who are contributing to growing the economy following Covid-19 will share ideas via online exhibitions, solutions showcases, live-streamed keynote speeches, live Q&As, roundtables, and plenty more.

The Digital City awards ceremony will be live-streamed from MediaCIty on Thursday, 15th April at 6:30 pm.

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