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State Pension Age Rises To 66

Lazenby's - Financial Advisor Leeds

Leeds-based independent financial advisors Lazenby’s have seen a recent surge in queries regarding the latest rules on state pension age and what it will mean for those for over 60.

The official age you can receive your state pension has reached 66. This has risen in recent years and will continue to rise. The state pension age is set to increase further to 67 by 2029, with another rise to 68 due between 2037 and 2039.

Senior financial planning consultant and managing director, Alan Lazenby said, “I started Lazenby’s so I could give advice free of provider, bank and large company influence.”

“The current Covid-19 pandemic and pension age increase is reminding many of us to plan for the future and secure ours and our families future.”

“We give advice about what your money is to be used for now and in the future and ask questions to establish when you want to retire, what the number is you need to retire in comfort? We believe that everyone should have a goal or time frame, otherwise what is the point in investing hard-earned cash?”

Lazenby’s are a family-run financial advisor Leeds firm based in LS16. They have over 25 years’ experience in providing trusted, independent advice on a range of financial issues including mortgages, pensions, and inheritance.

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