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Survey: Only One in Three Creatives are Women


The Orchard Agency, a specialist creative and marketing recruitment agency for the North West and Yorkshire, have released their 2018-19 Salary Survey and Career Insights document this week.

All creative candidates that Orchard interviewed over the last 12 months were asked to complete a career survey, asking for their opinions on their past, present and future jobs. The results showed that only 33% of respondents were female.

Orchard’s MD, Mike Carter, said “when we examine the data it shows that 67% of our candidates are male, 33% female. Only one woman in every three creatives. Some industries, very pointedly digital, are very male biased but creative has always appeared to me to be more gender neutral and more of a meritocracy, however based on our candidates over the last year this would prove not to be the case.”

“Our data predominantly comes from candidates between the age of 25 – 34. In total only 19% of our candidates had dependants, and 81% of candidates are single. Often, you hear of people challenging the issue of gender inequality in the workplace with childcare or family related situations linked to females – however from the range of candidates I would be inclined to say that this ‘family’ argument crumbles.”

“Going into this next year, whilst we have little influence on these figures, we will certainly be keeping an eye on diversity in the industry, and provoking conversation wherever possible.”

The publication also includes a total of 280 job titles from across the creative, digital and marketing industries along with an expected salary for each.

Mike went on to say, “our salary survey and career insights book is something we build every year as we think the data is incredibly valuable to ourselves, our clients, and even our candidates. It gives perspective to the industry that we may not see otherwise, it offers a unique view into what creatives really want from their job. In fact we know this is the case because the data never fails to surprise us year on year!”

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