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UniTaskr app generates £50,000 for the Greater Manchester student economy

UniTaskr co-founders Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs

UniTaskr, an award-winning app which helps students to earn while they learn, has generated more than £50,000 in task value for the Greater Manchester student economy in the past three months.

Following the release of the app’s latest iteration in June, the sum was generated between 1,000 members of the public and business adopters.

UniTaskr has since launched an initiative to connect with Greater Manchester’s charities so they may benefit from its 5,000 strong taskforce.

The campaign, called #Task4Aid, is the brainchild of UniTaskr founders Oliver Jacobs and Joseph Black in a bid to leverage the power of its hard-working student workforce who would, in turn, volunteer for a host of good causes.

Joseph said: “This is not a UniTaskr project but rather a Greater Manchester project. We’re delighted that we can harness our extensive student workforce to make positive changes across the city and its surrounding areas.”

UniTaskr, which is based in Spinningfields after relocating from London earlier this year, plans to use #Task4Aid to pre-authorise Greater Manchester charities, enabling them to post volunteer tasks on the platform in the run up to Christmas.

Charities will then be able to seek assistance completely free of charge in areas such as social media, blogging, promotional work or even just to make the most of an extra pair of helpful hands. These categories represent some of the many tasks available on the UniTaskr platform, which also extend to cleaning, gardening, catering, translating and office admin, to name a few.

UniTaskr also aims to incorporate the #Task4Aid campaign into the platform itself. Users will have the option to make a donation to a charity of their choice, which in turn will top up the charities’ UniTaskr account purse. Donations will be able to be withdrawn by the charities as and when they choose.

The #Task4Aid initiative was set up following the success of UniTaskr’s #Task4Homeless campaign, which launched in April 2019 and provided food and drink to hundreds of Greater Manchester’s homeless people via The Manchester Central Foodbank.

Joseph and Oliver said: “Over the years we have both played active roles in a number of charity organisations. UniTaskr was recently reborn in Manchester, having spent the last year focusing on a product rebranding. The #Task4Homeless campaign showed us just how much students are willing to help, given the right cause. We feel that it’s our obligation to help facilitate this impactful assistance, given the opportunity to do so.”

UniTaskr, formerly known as UniDosh, is an award-winning marketplace platform which connects members of the public and businesses to a trusted workforce of students seeking flexible work opportunities around their studies. The app currently has a ‘workforce’ of 5,000 students, who are referred to as ‘UniTaskrs’.

UniTask’s two charity campaigns come hot on the heels of a comprehensive company rebrand, which saw UniTaskr emerge from the original UniDosh name.

UniDosh was initially launched back in 2017 as a student only platform and Joseph added: “The name UniDosh worked fantastically when the platform was exclusive to students. However, as the company has grown, so has our offering and due to our move into the public domain, the name UniDosh no longer acts as an accurate representation of who we are and what we do.

“Also, having begun to plan our future expansion into the USA, we found that the word ‘dosh’ was not well understood, which would make launching there more difficult. The UniTaskr team is confident in the brand’s repositioning and are excited for this next chapter.”

Charities that would like to take part in the #Task4Aid campaign and wish to pre-apply can simply visit the UniTaskr website to find out more.