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White Circle Unveils Bespoke Manchester Inspired Artwork at First Street Development

White Circle, founded by Sarah Maskell, has unveiled its latest exhibition of work at the £500m First Street Development, in Manchester. The specialist arts and interiors team have created twelve panels, each two metres by 80 centimetres, and designed in pairs, inspired by locations across Manchester; Castlefield, First Street, Gaythorn Gas Works, Modern 1st Street, The Hacienda and Manchester Mills.

Each piece is heavily rusted gnarly metal, mounted into pristine wooden boxes that are then mounted on the walls throughout the 20 acre First Street development, an old gasworks site on Deansgate Locks which is home to INNSIDE Manchester, The Gasworks, HOME Contemporary International Arts Centre, VITA luxury apartments and NUMBER ONE office accommodation.

Sarah Maskell, founder and creative director at White Circle said: “We’re so pleased to be able to work with Ask Real Estate as they truly understand the value of art and embrace creativity.”

“For this brief, we drew inspiration from the design of the building and the striking use of materials within the reception area. We wanted to create a journey through the space, bringing the industrial and raw material feel while executing it in a fresh, clean and defined way.”

Sarah continued: “With the artwork now in place at No 8 First Street, it’s clear to see how it provides a real sense to the building. Visually you can see Manchester’s heritage and architectural vision immediately – it’s really powerful. We’re so proud of what we have been able to deliver for the client.”

Ask Real Estate approached White Circle following a previous successful partnership at Embankment and instructed the team to create a series of large-scale metal artworks to reflect Manchester’s historic, architectural and culturally significant landmarks.

Ann-Marie Duffy from Ask Real Estate said, “First Street is at the heart of Manchester’s arts and culture scene, and we think it’s so important that art, and importantly Manchester art, is celebrated throughout the estate.

“Sarah’s work is heavily influenced by the history around First Street, from the legendary Hacienda to Deansgate Locks, so we thought it was very fitting to have these cultural hotspots celebrated throughout our building.

“The materials Sarah has chosen for this artwork reflects the architectural design of both the façade and reception area, creating a completely unique atmosphere as you move through the building from floor to floor.”

For details on other projects completed by White Circle or to enquire about its services, please visit its website.