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Yorkshire start up reinvigorates British trousers manufacturing

HebTroCo - The Founder

Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire was known as Trouser Town back in the nineteenth century. Back then it was producing twenty thousand pairs a week. HebTroCo are aiming to get the town known once again for what it was once so famous for.

With an unbroken tradition of trouser making in this part of West Yorkshire, stretching back over hundreds of years, new start up HebTroCo is set to continue and reinvigorate the manufacturing of trousers in this unique Pennine town.

The first model “The Founder” is a limited run moleskin jean with just 176 pairs of trousers – a week’s production in their factory. They’re available as part of a Kickstarter crowd-funding project. Fighting against the rise of disposable fashion, The Founder is guaranteed for life. Each pair is individually signed and numbered.

Launching exactly one month after the town was devastated by the Boxing Day floods, HebTroCo is part of the rebirth of Hebden Bridge’s economy. Using the skills of the workforce and made in a factory whose owners have passed down trouser manufacturing experience over generations, HebTroCo trousers offer craftsmanship and detail that’s genuinely unrivalled.

“Everyone deserves at least one good pair of trousers. These are so good that we’re offering a lifetime guarantee. There are no gimmicks, we’re not reinventing trousers because they’ll already brilliant. We just want to see top quality trousers that are made in Britain.” Ed Oxley, HebTroCo

Full retail price will be £125 but as part of the Kickstarter campaign the first 176 pairs are currently £95.

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