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Young author helps mum create book to inspire children

Stacey and Eleni

A Yorkshire-based businesswoman and her five-year-old daughter are on a mission to build children’s confidence and reduce bullying.

After having her first child, Stacey Kelly, the founder of Early Years Story Box, was inspired to write and illustrate storybooks that support emotional well-being and instill positive values in children.

By making a storybook together, Stacey and daughter Eleni aim to teach children to accept themselves and others for who they are.

Having seen her mum create books throughout her life, Eleni who was four months old when Stacey formed the business, decided she wanted to join the family firm and asked if they could make a book together.

A former teacher, Stacey, jumped at the chance and the duo have now created the book ‘Yaryo and Looly’. Hand printing 100 copies, the book which launched in August makes Eleni one of the youngest authors in the country.

Stacey commented on the book:

“Eleni has always loved drawing and telling stories so I always thought that one day we would make a book together. I was so happy when she asked me! I had always wanted to create a book to teach children that it is okay to be different and when my little girl drew her beautifully wonky characters I just knew that they were the perfect fit for this storyline.”

The story follows character Yaryo who is worried that people won’t accept him because he looks different. However, his new friends help him to accept himself and to see that his differences are actually what make him so special.

Stacey added her daughter’s book to her Memory Box Collection, meaning that it also has a page at the back to record memories and to stick a photograph. This special page in Yaryo and Looly gets children to look at their own differences too and helps them to think about how these differences make them special, which builds self-esteem.

Since launching the book, it has been read in a local school and has been given to over 50 children with parents claiming that it has built their children’s confidence and helped them to see themselves and others in a more positive light.

The mum and daughter duo are now on a mission to get their book into schools and homes throughout the UK and to help children far and wide to realise that it is okay to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

Stacey said:

“If children can learn from a young age to accept themselves and others the way that they are, we will live in a much kinder and happier society.”

Copies of the book can be purchased for £3.49 in the Early Years Story Box online shop.