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2mee launches influencer ad platform for media publishers and brands

2mee, the patent-protected platform that allows businesses and brands to send humans as holograms, has expanded its suite of products with the launch of HoloAdTM, a powerful influencer advertising platform.

HoloAd puts the power of next-generation influencer brand marketing in the hands of media publishers and their brand partners. It allows publishers to create new advertising real estate, unlock additional revenue streams and take audience engagement to the next level.

For businesses and brands, it allows them to deliver ambassadors as hologram messages via their publisher partners, creating unique channels to deliver brand narrative and acquisition messaging to wider audiences.

A HoloAd can be inserted anywhere on a website page or within an app. Messages can be launched from existing empty space or can sit on top of page content, both editorial and advertorial. This means it delivers 100% added value.

Because it extends a publisher’s advertising real estate, it opens up an entirely new revenue stream for them and their brand partners. Publishers simply identify space, integrate 2mee’s HoloAd API then display and earn.

HoloAd is also the most effective marketing tool for publishers looking to monetize their apps. It can fill the mobile screen space, delivering engaging, compelling messages from a partner’s brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsers.

They can also be used to launch entire app takeovers, with brands able to deliver messages from their ambassadors through compelling push notifications.

The early numbers being generated by HoloAd are unrivalled. For those who are already on board, CTR rates are in excess of 26%, delivering a significantly greater number of leads to the brand.

This unprecedented level of engagement is already leading to a large number of enquiries from both publishers and brands.

James Riley, CEO of 2mee, said: “HoloAd has been developed to allow brands to distribute ambassadors and influencers as advertisements across publisher websites and apps. This makes it a mutually beneficial, high-value tool.

“A HoloAd advertisement really is worth a thousand words and the early numbers support this. It is proven to deliver engagement levels that are 10x greater than a standard ad, supercharging conversions and revenues for both publishers and brands.

“Influencer advertising really is the future for businesses and brands in all sectors, and in 2mee and HoloAd they have the most powerful platform and tool to unlock the huge untapped potential it provides.”