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3R Strategy launches the 3R Academy Connect Membership

3R Strategy launches the 3R Academy Connect Membership

The need for pay transparency is ever-increasing, yet professionals are often unsure where to start due to a lack of tailored information. To counteract this knowledge gap and empower professionals, UK-based pay and reward consultancy 3R Strategy has launched the 3R Academy, a dedicated learning platform offering exclusive access to a tailormade range of pay, reward, and HR resources and materials.

Today 3R Strategy is unveiling the Connect membership to the platform, further expanding access to resources and support for its members.

3R Academy is designed to help professionals elevate their own HR knowledge and empower their organisations and teams with extensive materials and resources, including topical quick-reads, market data, whitepapers, videos, templates, toolkits, and monthly insights with pay and labour statistics.

Whilst the free element grants access to some of these resources, with the new Connect membership, users will secure exclusive access to an additional suite of comprehensive materials at an affordable price. They will benefit from detailed eBooks, exploring a range of remuneration and reward topics, webinar and workshop recordings, and ready-to-use templates for seamless implementation in their organisations.

What’s more, Connect members will have the unique networking opportunity to join their industry peers in live Zoom meetings and an online reward forum to discuss challenges and ask for advice. As part of their benefits, they will also be amongst the first to receive access to the 3R Strategy 2023-2024 Global Salary Planning report, investigating the salary budgets, transparency, and performance assessments of more than 450 UK and global businesses – an invaluable resource for benchmarking.

Rameez Kaleem, Founder and Managing Director at 3R Strategy, said: “When I began my career, I considered CIPD and a Masters in HR. But what they covered for pay and reward was very limited, so I decided against it. I searched for books but again had no luck. However, learning is not about reading a book or attending a one-day workshop. It’s an ongoing process. We learn through regular reading, training, and connecting with our peers who are facing the same challenges as us. This is why we have developed the 3R Academy and are excited to now launch the Connect membership, enabling people to champion pay transparency.”