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Acorn Stairlifts sponsorship is further lift for Keighley Cougars

Yorkshire manufacturer Acorn Stairlifts has signed a deal to be primary team sponsor of rugby team the Keighley Cougars.

The team, which came close to collapse in December 2018 after several months under new ownership, is enjoying a resurgence under new management headed by former 1990s chairman Mick O’Neill and his son Ryan Cowie.

It will start the 2020 League 1 season in style thanks to the five figure Acorn Stairlifts deal which will cover the cost of the new team’s kit and further boost the profile of the team.

Nick Wilson, Acorn Stairlifts operations director, said the company’s sponsorship of the team reflected the ‘very special’ place the Keighley Cougars have in the hearts of many of its 500 employees – and a workplace visit from the players last week confirmed the support that’s felt across the workforce.

“The Keighley Cougars have been at the heart of our local community for many years and we’ve all felt the pain of their struggles in the last 12 months. We’ve been speaking with the new management team for a number of months and are delighted to announce our 12-month sponsorship deal which really cements our brand with the team in a way which reflects our pride in and support for everything they stand for.

“This season marks the start of a new era for this hugely loved and respected rugby team and as a company, our values of community support, team spirit and active living match perfectly with the Keighley Cougars and we were delighted to meet members of the team last week and to be fuelling their match performances for the coming season.”

Lisa Gill, general manager of Keighley Cougars said the team couldn’t be more delighted with the Acorn Stairlifts backing. “It’s true to say it’s been a difficult time for the club and the team so to have such big business support for our upcoming season really is a lift for all of us.

“Cougarmania is clearly alive and kicking within the Acorn Stairlifts workforce and we know many staff have followed the team for decades and some have family members who have played for the team. Our combined heritage, belief and investment in this town is a perfect reflection of the power of team spirit and of community support and we can’t wait to start the new season with our new players, new investment, new Acorn Stairlifts branded kit and an even stronger sense of local pride.”