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Ad:venture programme becomes latest sponsor of One Yorkshire

Leeds Business Lunch 2019

AD:VENTURE, the business support programme that has been delivering across North and West Yorkshire for four years, has become the latest organisation to show its support for One Yorkshire, a collaborative platform for networking groups throughout the region.

Becoming a headline sponsor, AD:VENTURE has given its backing to the project, which will provide a platform for the business community in Yorkshire to share information about any events or activities that are taking place.

Creating a resource for anyone that wants to extend their business contacts, One Yorkshire will break down the barriers and bring people together to meet virtually and in person when restrictions allow.

Recognising the need for organisations of all sizes to collaborate and communicate during some of the most difficult times in living memory, One Yorkshire is a free of charge, open source platform.

The group will encourage people to share ideas and contacts, ignite passion and prove that we are stronger together.

Founder of One Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Mafia, Geoff Shepherd, comments: “One Yorkshire is basically Leeds Business Week online and for three months rather than five days. We know the benefits that bringing people together can deliver and so we thought let’s do that but on a massive scale!

“Times have been tough, there’s no point in denying it, but now more than ever we need to show what we are all made of. We have a huge potential network of contacts in Yorkshire and the combined power of that is really exciting.

“Healthy competition is one thing but recognising that we are stronger together will deliver greater value for us all. We are very pleased that AD:VENTURE has come on board as a sponsor, allowing us to drive this initiative even harder.”

Sarah Carling AD:VENTURE Programme Manager from AD:VENTURE comments: “It’s well documented that strong business networks and thriving local eco systems enable access to resources that could be beyond the scope of a single business.

“Through collaboration, businesses can complement and support each other, specialising in different areas to compete in markets usually out of their reach.

“Innovation is vital to businesses who want to grow and scale in order to stay ahead of the competition. Thinking differently and launching initiatives like One Yorkshire allows businesses to learn from each other’s successes and failures, identifying new solutions to common challenges.”

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