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Aviva joins forces with Now Healthcare Group to offer digital GP service

Aviva is giving large corporate health insurance customers swift, convenient access to more than 1,000 GPs, through a new collaboration with Manchester-based digital health company, Now Healthcare Group (NHG).

NHG has become Aviva Health’s strategic provider of digital GP services, offering customers access to NHS qualified GPs via an Aviva branded mobile app, Aviva Digital GP. The app allows customers to book video consultations with a GP, receive remote diagnoses and obtain advice on simpler medical queries directly from a GP via a live chat facility. The app will be rolled out more widely to Aviva customers over time.

Further features of Aviva Digital GP include:
• A choice of whether consultations are with a male or female GP, and customers also have the option of booking consultations with the same doctor each time they use the service.
• A choice of 12 languages, so customers can select their preferred language.
• Customers have access to GPs’ credentials (such as special areas of interest) to help choose a doctor to suit their needs.
• Access to a UK-wide pharmacy network offering a next-day prescription delivery service (or 2-4 hours in central London).
• Medicines delivered directly to customers’ homes, offices or their local pharmacy.
• Repeat prescription top-ups ordered via a GP.
• A broad suite of at-home testing and monitoring kits.

Mark Noble, CEO, Global Health at Aviva said:

“Aviva is excited about appointing Now Healthcare Group as our new strategic provider of digital health services. At Aviva we’re keen to provide our customers with digital solutions to help make their lives easier and give greater control of their health. We are confident that this new relationship will provide Aviva with opportunities to enhance, evolve and change the way we look after the health of our customers.”

Lee Dentith, CEO & Founder of NHG, said:

“Now Healthcare Group is delighted to be working with Aviva to deliver our innovative healthcare services to its vast client and customer base. This relationship, following our exemplary Care Quality Commission report, further cements our status as our industry’s leading provider, and we’re very excited to be working with one of the UK’s largest insurers to bring convenient and accessible healthcare to more and more people.”

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