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Award-Winning PR Expert Helps Female Entrepreneurs Beat Imposter Syndrome with The Power of PR

Jo Swann, Founder of Chocolate PR

Next week, award-winning PR agency founder is helping local female entrepreneurs beat imposter syndrome using the power of PR at Ilkley’s Girl Tribe Gang power hour.

Jo Swann of Chocolate PR is passionate about the power of PR and has seen the impact good PR can have on helping businesses to grow thanks to her experience of working with hundreds of female entrepreneurs. But she also knows many women place stumbling blocks in their own way of becoming visible. “I’m no expert” “Why should I be in the press” “Little old me, don’t be daft….”

She recognises that even the most confident-looking women can suffer from imposter syndrome, herself included. Jo will start tackling these limiting beliefs and helping GTG members to feel PR ready by believing in the knowledge they have to share.

Jo will teach female entrepreneurs what PR looks like and how to identify opportunities to get in the press. She is committed to make this a deep dive into how PR can play a key role in the growth of businesses, how to harness the power of PR and use it as a business tool and how PR can help you to feel proud of your business.

Jo wants local businesswomen to all understand what PR is and how they can use it – but also knows there’s work to be done for many of us before we even get to that stage.

She said: “We come across so many women with such incredible stories relating to their mission of why they are doing what they are doing – but often these stories go untold as they don’t feel confident in sharing them plagued by thoughts that they are not worthy of being in the press…Instead they stay in their ‘safe’ bubble of their existing network and in doing this they are effectively stunting their own growth. With clients we work with, often the first step is getting them comfortable with their story, and helping them to take ownership of it, also considering the impact that they can have in sharing it. Achieving positive press coverage not only makes you feel proud of what you’ve achieved, enabling you to push your business forward, but it also makes you feel proud of having supported others through sharing your story or knowledge. I personally have suffered from Imposter Syndrome and it has most definitely slowed down the growth of my business – I’m excited to run this session to hopefully help others avoid falling into the same trap”.

The session will include:

  1. Why Me? I’m not press ready! I’m no expert….Tackling Imposter Syndrome
  2. What is PR? How does it work and how can it help me grow my business? How will it help me feel proud?
  3. What does PR look like and where can I find opportunities?
  4. Interactive session:- My PR angle – create a synopsis of some PR content you could use to get your first/next piece of exposure.

Jo launched Chocolate PR over 15 years ago, after working in media, marketing and PR agencies. She has worked with companies of all sizes including the likes of Whistles, NSPCC, learndirect, Marriot Hotels, Yo! Sushi, Dale Carnegie, Skipton Building Society to name just a few and won many awards along the way but her mission now is to help small businesses, and particularly female entrepreneurs harness the power of PR. She is passionate about supporting small businesses in making PR work as a cost effective, creative marketing medium, to help them tell their story and have fun doing it. Having carved a niche in helping female entrepreneurs tell their story and harness the power of PR she’s on a mission this year to knowledge share more than ever to help women feel more comfortable with PR and understand how they can use it.

Girl Tribe Gang is the award-winning collective for women who work for themselves, spin a side hustle, or aspire to quit the 9-5. GTG was launched by psychotherapist Catherine Asta-Labbett in May 2017 when she couldn’t find a community to support her when she set up her own business. Now there are now almost 40 Tribes across the UK and Europe that meet up every month, empowering women and promoting female collaboration.

Jo’s PR Power Hour will be taking place at Banyan, Ilkley on Monday 20th May at 7.30pm.

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