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On the ball scientists put the fizz back for World Cup drinkers facing beer and soft drink shortage

A Leeds-based manufacturing company has come to the aid of alcohol and fizzy drink manufacturers fearful that their profits may run flat due to a European shortage of carbon dioxide.

Scientists at the Stephenson Group have come to the rescue, thanks to an innovative range of carbon dioxide solubilisers, instantly capable of putting the fizz back into the carbonated drinks market ensuring football-mad drinkers don’t have to go without their favourite fizzy tipple during the tournament.

From its manufacturing base in Horsforth near Leeds, Stephenson Group has pioneered a patented non-silicone ‘fizz stabiliser’ which helps to ensure drinks retain their fizz for longer and improves taste, preventing them from going flat and extending shelf life.

Reports have suggested that Britain could run out of beer and fizzy imminently because the European supply of carbon dioxide is at an all-time low.

The drought comes when spending on alcohol has increased as football fans stock up during the World Cup.

The product, named Sustain, is used as a processing aid in the manufacturing process of carbonated drinks. It was developed by Stephenson Group’s Technical Innovations Chemists, in direct response to a problem that has plagued the carbonated drinks market for years: carbon dioxide loss.

Jamie Bentley, CEO of Stephenson Group commented: “Drinks manufacturers are facing a tough few weeks as stocks of the carbon dioxide they use to fizz up their drinks run dangerously low. The shortage couldn’t have come at a worse time for pubs, bars and supermarkets, coinciding with the World Cup which, as it only happens every four years, is a golden trading period. If football fans can’t get hold of alcohol and fizzy drinks during the tournament this could spell disaster for the hospitality trade. Our product has been formulated to make sure drinks don’t lose their fizz and stay fizzy for longer, meaning less carbon dioxide is actually required in the first place and less is also wasted.”

The availability of Sustain is an exciting development in the carbonated drinks market as it has been developed to allow drinks manufacturers and brands to maximise carbon dioxide retention and enhance consumers’ overall product experience.

Added Jamie: “Even without an industry shortage, traditionally a lot of carbon dioxide is wasted during the manufacturing process. By the time a drink reaches a consumer it has lost up to 40% of its fizz. We can help drastically reduce this wastage and preserve valuable carbon dioxide stocks so drinkers don’t have to worry. Even more carbon dioxide is lost when the bottle is opened resulting in the drink going flat very quickly. Our product slows this process down making sure drinks not only taste better but also stay fizzy for much longer.”

In a recent customer Shelf Life Study, Stephenson scientists measured the carbon dioxide levels in Cola over 20 weeks. The results show optimum carbonation in the drinks dosed with Sustain showing 20% more carbon dioxide than undosed samples.