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Beyond Housing apprentices to earn living wage

Beyond Housing apprentices

Apprentices at Beyond Housing will be paid the Living Wage of £9 per hour after their first year with the firm.

A decision made during National Apprenticeship Week by the board at the social housing provider reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the support and success of its apprentices.

Apprentices in the first year of their apprenticeship at Beyond Housing currently earn £3.70 per hour, which is the current legal minimum. After the board-approved changes come into force on 1 April 2019, this will increase to £5 per hour. This rate matches that of other local apprentice provider Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

Those who are in the second or later years of their apprenticeships will see a significant hike in pay to £9 per hour. This is the Living Wage Foundation recommended hourly rate of income based on living costs. Full time workers receiving this independently calculated Living Wage earn around £2,000 per year more than those on the government’s ‘National Living Wage’.

Last year during National Apprenticeship Week, the company unveiled its apprentice charter, outlining its responsibilities to its apprentices.

Catherine Clennett, Head of HR at Beyond Housing said: “At Beyond Housing we recognise the value of our apprentices as the next generation of our employees. As we made clear when we launched our charter last year, we are absolutely committed to ensuring that they get the best possible start in their careers with us. In all aspects of their work and training, apprentices are treated just like every other member of our team.”

Jack Dixon, Joinery Apprentice at Beyond Housing, said: “The Living Wage announcement is fantastic news. Apprenticeships are a brilliant way to combine learning and earning, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Ellie Jones, a Painting Apprentice at Beyond Housing added: “It’s great to know that Beyond Housing really appreciates apprentices as part of its workforce and is supporting our career progression.”

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