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Brothers Building Positivity Through The Power of Writing

Two brothers have both launched successful literature collections to help people through the challenges life is currently throwing everyone’s way.

Gabriel and Tolu’ A. Akinyemi have written and published ten books between them both with the aim of bolstering spirits and digging deep into the emotions felt by all.

Gabriel’s debut book is a short book, dedicated to women enduring domestic violence in their marriages and to people who are struggling with childhood traumatic experiences. To Love and To Cherish teaches forgiveness, accountability, and karma.

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is an author extraordinaire well known for his debut poetry book Dead Lions Don’t Roar. As well as building a career traveling and presenting his poetry on stage, Tolu has been helping other authors.

Alongside his busy career within Financial Crime Compliance, Tolu recently released his sixth and seventh book—a poetry book, A Booktiful Love and a collection of short stories, Inferno of Silence. As well as being available on Amazon and on his own website, Tolu’s books are available across an array of online bookstores, across the UK, USA and Nigeria. His reviews are tipping 5 star each time.

Tolu, who lives in the North East, said:

“We both have busy careers, but our passion is our writing as we see the joy and impact it has on the readers. This year more than others people have needed the shelter of good writing, of reading and escaping the realities of today in our pandemic world. It was therefore important to Gabriel and I to make sure we were contributing.”

“Reading and writing are great releases as humans we can enjoy and we hope our words support and guide people through these difficulty times.”

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