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Bury’s Mackenzie Financial Planning Achieve Prestigious Accreditation

Jane Holt and Paul Jones of Mackenzie Financial Planning

Bury-based financial planning service Mackenzie Financial Planning are one of the first firms to have been awarded The Pension Transfer Gold Standard, as part of the businesses’ ongoing commitment to customer excellence.

The prestigious accreditation is an entirely voluntary code of good practice for firms who work with clients who hold a type of pension known as ‘safeguarded benefits’ – usually in the form of a company pension that defines pension in terms of final salary – or a guaranteed annuity rate – and benefits are worth £30,000 or more. Only firms that adhere to strict criteria are awarded the standard.

Its purpose is to empower consumers, setting a clear outline of what to expect from financial advice firms so they can be confident they are dealing with a company that is going beyond the minimum requirements when giving financial advice.
Paul Jones of Mackenzie Financial Planning explains:

“Pensions can be a minefield – but it’s so important that people choose the right one for them. The Pension Transfer Gold Standard is, in essence, all about educating consumers on what they should expect from the financial advice they receive, how they can recognise good advice – and where they can access it.”

Mackenzie Financial Planning were required to submit a written application in order to achieve the standard to demonstrate that they are consistently working within nine principles, which include ensuring the most appropriate and up to date technical skills are applied. Mackenzie were already meeting many of the standards required and will be audited on a regular basis to ensure they can demonstrate consistent development of the criteria, with a mandatory resubmission every year.

Paul Jones continued:

“As financial planners, it’s a pre-requisite to have to have a foundation of advanced training, however at Mackenzie we always aim to push ourselves beyond the minimum requirements.
“Although the gold standard is not compulsory, it is essential to us at Mackenzie. It’s so important that we have the expertise and knowledge to advise clients to the best of our ability, so they receive top level service every time”.

“Many companies don’t bother with additional accreditations, but at Mackenzie “good enough” isn’t an option. We strive to be the best of the best at everything we do – it’s embedded in our culture – and working towards the standard was a natural progression for us.”

Mackenzie Financial Planning 13-year established Bury- business offering a bespoke financial planning service. One of the few chartered firms in the area, the company specialising in organising and planning their client’s wealth in order to facilitate a high standard of lifestyle.