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Cheshire-Based Mum Becomes International Best-Selling Author

Louisa Herridge, Mindset and Positive Psychology Empowerment Coach and Founder of the global movement Mamas Ignited (Photographer: Natasha Cadman)

Motivational Speaker And Founder Of The Mamas Ignited Movement Knocks New York Times Bestseller Off The Top Spot With Her Latest Book To Help Women Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Adversity And Fear.

Former secondary school teacher, Louisa Herridge, 42 from, Warrington, Cheshire, is a Mindset and Positive Psychology Empowerment Coach and Founder of the global movement Mamas Ignited.

This week she is celebrating the launch of her inspirational book “Stop Ironing, Start Living”, which flew straight in at Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in 7 categories including; hot new releases and Inspirational Spirituality, where she knocked New York Times best selling author, former Hindu monk, and life coach Jay Shetty off the top spot. Other categories she hit No. 1 in were; violence against women, psychological education and training, psychology of creativity and genius, business consulting, international business and finance and women’s spirituality.

This inspirational book is the next step for this Northern powerhouse as she continues her global movement, to empower women by giving them the tools to ignite the spark of self-belief and extinguish adversity and fear to live a more fulfilled life – just like she did.

Louisa is well known for her fun-loving personality and lives out her life motto: ‘An Ironing board is a surfboard that gave up on its dreams and got a boring job…don’t be an ironing board!’

Only two years ago she was depressed, unhappy and felt stuck. Following a violent assault at the hands of her ex-partner, which resulted in complex trauma, PTSD and emotional and psychological burnout, Louisa said; “I had stopped living.” After some time, support and coaching, Louisa started to feel a little light ignite within – she knew had to leave her successful teaching career that was making her miserable and re-invented herself in order to self-heal and find a better life.

Louisa is a solo mum to her 6-year-old daughter, Louisa describes herself as being like ‘the glorious Phoenix, who has risen from the ashes of debt, domestic abuse, trauma, chronic pain and depression to be reborn in flames as the blazing leader.’ Her passion and fire for personal growth comes from her own lived experience.

Everything Louisa has learned on her own journey is now shared in her book, as she strives to help other women create their own new path in life. ‘Mamas Ignited: Stop Ironing, Start Living’- Extinguish the pain of fear, trauma and adversity to Ignite your Spark and Surf the Fire’ encourages others to overcome limiting beliefs, adversity and fear, like she did, to surf the waves of success in both life and business.

Louisa said; “In my search for a happy ever after, my dreams got lost along the way. ‘Mamas Ignited: Stop Ironing, Start Living’ is my story, your story, our story because we have all at times wanted more… and that NEVER involves more ironing!

“In the past two years I have built a business from scratch after pulling myself out of the depths of despair and vortex of doom. My self-care was at an all-time low. Diagnosed with PTSD, my mental health declined and I hit rock bottom resulting in an emotional and psychological burnout. I was using talk therapy and was recommended to try Relax Kids for my daughter, who was also suffering with PTSD and anxiety, I remember having a mindfulness session that literally changed both our lives in that moment.”

From here, Louisa trained to be a mindfulness coach with Relax Kids and in June 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, she went part-time as an English and Drama Teacher at a large secondary school and launched her dream business. Louisa said; “It was a bold move, but one I knew I needed to take. Word soon spread and desperate mums brought their children to see me and I began to share the wonder and healing that simple mindfulness can bring and the power of connecting the body and mind.” It was at this point that Louisa realised, in most cases the mums also needed support and she started to run Relax Mum’s courses and this was the beginning of the Mamas Ignited movement.

Louisa saw a replication of herself in these other busy, stressed out mums – with not enough time for themselves – and decided that she wanted to use her awful, traumatic experiences for good.

Since then, Louisa has left her teaching role, published three best-selling books and is committed full-time to helping other women rewrite their story and ignite their dreams, (just like she did), through mindfully connecting more closely to themselves, finding and fuelling their renewed fire. She does this through sharing her own story and using a range of coaching techniques with her SPARK system, with the main focus being on; mindset, mindfulness and motivation, underpinned by positive psychology tools and interventions. Louisa also takes women wanting MORE through a process to ignite impact by creating their own dream business.

Louisa’s mission is driven by her story, she said; “I want to help women to tap into their story and be able to speak from the scar not the wound, using it to ignite their overall impact. I have had my share of adversity and know how hard it can be to stop listening to your inner critic, voice of doom and the tight grip of imposter syndrome and anxiety; I understand your fear of judgement or failure; I had it too.”

“As a mindset and empowerment coach, I work with women to help them to find their spark – whether that be personally or in their businesses – so that they can turn up the dial on living lives they actually love, transforming their ironing boards into surfboards that will ride the waves of their next adventure!”

Relevant to all women, not just the mamas, this book offers strategies for business success and personal fulfilment, by encouraging women to BE more, DO more and HAVE more. Having already helped hundreds of women across the globe, her book will help her reach more and more.

Comprising two parts, part autobiography and part self-help manual, Louisa offers constructive advice and practical strategies interspersed with personal stories along the way. Sometimes tragic, some amusing, but always relevant, hopeful, and heartfelt, her narrative encourages women to change their lives in order to grow and to live the life they want.

Louisa’s book is available on Amazon.

Louisa is celebrating with a book launch on 13th March at Castlefield Rooms in Manchester; ticket sales will be donated to the charitable The Fly Anyway Foundation, supporting survivors of domestic abuse to set up their own enterprises and businesses. Louisa said; “My book shares my story of overcoming pain, adversity and the trauma from domestic abuse. With this event I am supporting The Fly Anyway Foundation and I am honoured to be joined by domestic abuse survivor, singer, global motivational speaker, best-selling author and founder of the foundation, Dani Wallace who will entertain and share her nuggets of wisdom along with Jo Swann, the writer of the Foreword in my book and guest speaker for the event. There will be a charity raffle, food, drink, goody bags and some magic and surprises from The Business Development and Branding Fairy Godmother, JoJo Smith, The Sassy Not Sorry Creative CEO. This event is sure set to ignite others!”