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Cheshire-based UK Wellbeing and Empowerment Festival Set to Liberate and Celebrate All Things Womanly and Feminine

Womanifest is spearheaded by Jodie Salt, a Qualified Women’s Assertiveness Coach, 21st Century Feminist and Best-selling Author

Cheshire-based entrepreneur, 21st Century Feminist and best-selling Author has spent the last 6 months planning an event like no other, as part of her mission to empower more women and girls to celebrate themselves, and this week she has announced details of the one of a kind activities, which will see hundreds of women from across the UK celebrate all things womanly, in ways they’ve never done before!

Excitement is building for the festival, which will see woman and girls step out of their comfort zones as they unite in exploring all things feminine at the eagerly anticipated Cheshire-based, Womanifest – a personal development, wellbeing and empowerment festival for women of all ages on 17th and 18th September.

This festival is spearheaded by Founder, Jodie Salt, 43, from Frodsham. Jodes is a qualified Women’s Assertiveness Coach, a 21st century feminist and best-selling author of ‘Woman Up – the 21st century women’s guide to being assertive’ and mum of three teenage daughters. She is hosting Womanifest supporting Girls Out Loud as the exclusive charitable beneficiary – a social enterprise working with young girls from the age of 12 to empower them to channel their potential and make better life choices.

Founder of Womanifest, Jodes Salt said; “Womanifest is no boring conference or exhibition – it’s a full-on FESTIVAL! – it’s all about women having fun, learning how to put themselves first, get what they want, surround themselves with other fantastic women and have access to a huge range of learning and expertise that can help them to make changes in their life and feel inspired and empowered, bringing everything a woman needs to live the happy, fulfilling and successful life she deserves into one place for an epic weekend of liberating experiences!”

As part of the forthcoming festival held on 17th and 18th September, activities include;

  • A Wim Hoff breathwork session and ice dipping – Are you a woman who hates the cold? Suffering with anxiety or stress? Dealing with physical ailments that are impacting your quality of life? Get in on this action! Following the success of BBC One’s Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof – this session will be a truly empowering and liberating experience. The Wim Hoff method is a form of Breathwork combined with cold exposure and commitment to give you increased energy, better sleep, reduce stress, improve focus and will power and boost your immune system. Our Wim Hoff accredited instructor, Angela Bentley, will guide you through a breathwork session followed by an ice dip in our cold water/ice pool. You are guaranteed to feel exhilarated and alive!!!
  • Festi-vulva – A Vulva Art Wall – We’ve all heard of a Wall of Fame… but, this is a rather different celebratory wall… pre-festival Jodes and Brighton-based artist, Lydia Reeves, are encourage 100 people be part of their ‘Wall of Vulvas’ art installation aptly named Festi-vulva, to be displayed at Womanifest in September. They are currently are looking for people with vulvas, aged 18+ to take part. Jodes Salt continues: “This might seem a bit of a shocking initiative -but why is that? It’s because as a society this feels out of our comfort zone. We are doing this to get women and girls to reconsider the expectations they have of themselves and their bodies – not just this particular part, but we are leading with this to get people to sit up and listen. No two vulvas look exactly the same – but many women don’t know that – especially young women who feel they are different and long for a designer vagina. This is why we have decided to create this art piece as part of Womanifest, to celebrate, to inform and to show women both young and old, that vulvas are all different and that the words vagina and vulva shouldn’t be embarrassing but championed and a part of our everyday dialogue. I hope that many women and people with vulvas, will come forward to take part in this art installation. My hope is that this art piece will help us start conversations, tackle social issues, help to ease genital anxiety that many people feel and allow us all to celebrate our bodies and our unique womanhood”.
  • Fire and glass walking – The epitome of liberation! Break through those limiting beliefs and feel the fear and do it anyway. Whether you opt to walk on hot coals or on broken glass THIS is the experience to get you laser focused, present and in the moment to prove to yourself just what you’re really capable of. If you can do this, you can do anything! Why not do it with your daughter to role model to her what it means to believe in herself and tap into her potential to reveal just how much she’s capable of. Just £35 to participate in either experience (your daughter goes FREE) you could also maybe get yourself sponsored to raise money for Girls Out Loud.
  • Expert speakers and workshops – As well as the experiential elements there will also be a diverse programme of talks that explore subjects such as; breaking addiction habits, planning for our financial futures, dealing with menopause and finding calm in our chaos… along with wellbeing workshops that support us in taking time for ourselves.
  • Also offering silent discos, stargazing meditations and catwalk fashion shows this is an event that has something for everyone…

Jodes Salt continues: “The event really will be empowering and liberating. We are encouraging parents to bring their daughters so they can open up conversations they may not naturally have over the dinner table. From here, experiencing things together we believe bonds can be strengthened on a new level, and women across generations can come together and become empowered together.”

Founder of Girls Out Loud, Jane Kenyon said; “Being a teenage girl in the world today is a challenge, as the landscape gets more complicated and toxic, fuelled by smart technology, easy-access porn and Reality TV – these 3 game-changers influence and sabotage teen girls at a time when they should be exploring their identity and harnessing their potential. Not surprisingly the negative messages coming at them from all sides are creating poor mental health and a lack of self-esteem. 1 in 4 girls will self-harm before they leave Secondary School, 25% of all 14 year olds are depressed, social anxiety is at an all-time high post Pandemic, eating disorders are up by 42% post Pandemic and sexual harassment is a daily occurrence for 1 in 3 girls in our Secondary Schools. Awareness is power, so now we know, let’s do something to effect change. Girls Out Loud is passionate about empowering girls to learn, lead and thrive by connecting them to smart, sassy and successful female role models.”

There’s a range of tickets on offer from single day tickets for Saturday or Sunday, to weekend tickets and even a VIP option, not to mention the all important daughter/teenager tickets. More info on the Womanifest website.