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Elland Metal Spinners saved from closure


In a joint exercise with Business Advisors RSM in Manchester and co-ordinated by Poppleton & Appleby Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, Elland Metal Spinners has been saved from potential closure, saving 18 jobs at this long-established specialist engineering contractor.

With funding support from Ultimate Finance, the purchasers were advised by Richard Brier of Isaacs Business Finance Limited and Jeremy Garside, Partner at local commercial law specialists Williams & Co.

Elland Metal Spinning were founded in 1946 and are specialist contract metal spinners, supplying a range of components in mild steel, aluminium and various alloys.

Joint Administrator, Charles Brook of Poppleton & Appleby said:

‘I am delighted to start the year with this good news, which demonstrates the positive results of swift action when taken by experienced insolvency professionals. Keeping jobs and highly skilled services within the locality is as much a part of helping the area to thrive as any other measures. The business now has a very good future with commercial customers across the UK and beyond that are relieved it can continue to serve their needs.’

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