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‘End to End’ strategy leads to B2B award nomination for Armstrong

Bucher Emhart's launch of its 'stronger together' end to end strategy showing some of the work undertaken by Armstrong.

Armstrong, the integrated B2B marketing agency, has recently been short listed for a DMA award for its ground breaking work on behalf of world leading glass technology manufacturer, Bucher Emhart Glass. The Chester based operation, now acknowledged as one of the leading specialists in 3D animation in the marketing industry, helped develop the ‘Stronger Together’ campaign for the company, leading to its ‘Best in B2B’ nomination.

Swiss headquartered Bucher Emhart Glass’ offering is based on an unshakeable belief in glass as a packaging material. This belief has been supported by investment in R&D, which is driven by its clients’ requirements, resulting in new milestones in production speed, product quality, testing precision and glass container strength. Through its truly global position, and the use of some of the latest technology in glass manufacturing, the company has set out to form a new way of delivering the very best for its customers. This resulted in the development of its ‘End to End’ strategy and ‘Stronger Together’ campaign.

New concept
Bucher Emhart Glass’ newly developed concept in glass manufacturing works through a unique set of solutions and automation technologies, designed to make glass production easier, safer and more efficient. It takes a holistic view of production, unifying the hot and cold ends of the process. In order to strengthen its relationships with its customers, and to effectively convey the unique benefits of the process, Bucher Emhart called upon one of the UK’s leading B2B marketing agencies, Chester based Armstrong.

Armstrong worked with Bucher Emhart to develop the ‘End to End’ strategy, which focuses on Bucher Emhart Glass working even more closely with its customers. It integrates glass forming and inspection technologies, delivering previously untapped levels of efficiency whilst offering unrivalled support. The end result is that together, a stronger and more effective partnership is formed.

B2B award
The success of the work undertaken by Armstrong has not gone unnoticed, with Armstrong being shortlisted in the ‘Best B2B’ category for the annual UK DMA awards. Of the nomination, company director, Daniel Owen commented: “We are thrilled to be nominated for this highly prestigious award. Bucher Emhart Glass has been the market leader in glass technology for many years, but with the ‘End to End’ strategy, the company has again cemented its position as the most innovative, progressive and customer focused technology provider in the industry.
The ‘Stronger Together’ campaign encapsulates its philosophy of working closely with the company’s customers and partners to deliver new advances in the industry. Our partnership has been no different. Working with a company as forward thinking as Emhart has meant we can deliver true value and a rock solid marketing strategy.”

Of Armstrong’s nomination, and the work the agency did for Bucher Emhart Glass, Emhart group communications manager Marlen Debrot commented: “We have been working with Armstrong since 2016 and their experience working throughout the glass supply chain and other industries has provided them with invaluable insight into market trends and technologies. The End to End strategy was proposed following an extensive brand audit with customers and partners. Armstrong identified a unique point of difference.

“Emhart is one of the only companies in the world who offer forming and inspection from a single source. Efficiency in a glass plant is a key driver for all of our customers. A 1% increase in efficiency can result in tremendous savings. ‘End to End’ has not only provided our business with a 10 year innovation roadmap, but we have also aligned internally and cemented our partnerships with our customers resulting in a stronger and better relationship together.”

The work undertaken by Armstrong for Bucher Emhart Glass is just one such project that has directly led to its nomination for the DMA award. Recently the company has undertaken exciting projects for such companies as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Premier Inn Business, Centrica and the Royal Mail.