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Video production agency Sound & Colour, have just released their second episode of a documentary series produced for their client Nash Squared. The series ‘Tech Flix’, sees a number of short documentaries shining a light on the technologies and innovations changing our world. Each episode shows how tech impacts various sectors including Medicine (ep.1) and the latest episode focusing on Female Founders in the tech industry. Nash Squared are building on the success of their podcast ‘Tech Talks’ which are one of the top 5% most shared podcasts on Spotify.

Nash Squared are the leading the leading global provider of technology and talent solutions. With 49 offices covering 17 countries.

In this latest episode David Savage, Nash Squared’s Group Technology Evangelist, explores what the experiences of female entrepreneurs fundraising is really like, and what solutions there are to fixing the lack of investment from the VC community and beyond, revealing some uncomfortable truths.

Savage interviews a number of both male and female leaders including. Ariana Alexander-Sefre – Co-Founder and CEO of SPOKE, Paul Miller OBE – MD of Bethnal Green Ventures, Erika Brodnock MBE – Co-Founder Extend Ventures and Kinhub. Tessa Clarke, Co-Founder and CEO of Olio.

The Sound & Colour team worked with Savage on the full production of the documentaries from initial concept, pre-production, location sourcing, creative direction, through to filming and post-production. The episodes were premiered through a live stream on LinkedIn of which Sound & Colour streamed and produced. They were also aired at a live event in London, with a panel of experts to discuss the latest topic of Female Founders. The latest episode has been a huge success and opened up much needed conversations around the topic.

Chris Elliott – Co-Founder and Film Director at Sound & Colour commented…
“We love projects that shine a light on such an important topic and this is reflective of the chasm of inequality we see in society. Having a full thirty minutes to tell that story is refreshing in today’s bite sized content landscape and this allowed us to creatively sink our teeth into the subject.

We’ve worked with Dave for a long time now and have built a real understanding of his style of journalism and presenting, it’s a perfect collaboration where we’re given creative license to shape the story in as visually compelling a way as possible. I couldn’t be happier with how the film has turned out and the response it’s received.”

Savage commented
“I feel like we face some huge challenges as a society and industry. They can be told through words, numbers (statistics) and on a podcast. Sometimes they aren’t enough to fully explore the themes I want to. Film has given me a platform to share those narratives in a way I’d have struggled to without it, and Sound & Colour helped bring that to life. They took the ideas in my head and made it work on camera. It’s a collaboration that’s allowed me to share the stories I want to”.

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