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The House Crowd reports record levels of investor confidence


Property crowdfunding platform, The House Crowd, has reported record levels of investor confidence, with 66% of its investors now repeatedly reinvesting their capital through the business.

The House Crowd is experiencing high demand for its property-backed peer-to-peer lending products, with over 1,270 people having invested in one. The business’ loan projects have to date delivered an average annual interest rate of 9.1% to investors.

Over the past two years, The House Crowd has shifted its offering away from primarily equity crowdfunding projects to property-backed peer-to-peer loans.

Frazer Fearnhead, founder and CEO of The House Crowd, said: “While no investment class can claim to be risk-free, peer-to-peer lending secured on UK property delivers high returns and a level of certainty that appeals to increasingly risk-weary investors.

“Our products have a maximum loan to value ratio of 75%, which means that even if a borrower were to default, the property the loan was secured against would have to be sold for less than three-quarters of its value. We strive to deliver the ideal formula of relatively short loan terms and strong returns, which we hope will continue to bolster investor confidence.”

Founded in 2012, The House Crowd has grown at over 100% per year in each of the last two years, providing a range of investments secured against property to suit different investor risk profiles and objectives.

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