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How to support the wellbeing needs of a child within a 21st Century school

For over 30 years, schools have managed data using Management Information Systems (MIS). These systems digitally capture data of people that are within the school building.

The use of information technology has rapidly increased and now, with current challenges, needs to do so even more. Here, education expert Scott Biggs talks through how schools can use digitalisation to improve wellbeing on a human level. He said:

“MIS systems were introduced originally to support the school office to collect data. The systems available today go much further in their functionality allowing school users to collate, analyse and review a magnitude of data to ensure high performance of schools.

‘”MIS systems can change school management by enhancing leadership, human resource management, workload, decision making, communication, finances, planning and assessment. In essence, they are the hub of the school providing structure and clarity to ensure a consistent approach. The best MIS today offers a wide range of solutions to the many problems that a school may face.

“The use of a modern MIS can also help a school support children holistically ensuring whole child wellbeing is being cared for. Once upon a time, MIS systems were all about academic performance but now MIS systems, such as Bromcom, provide information to help children thrive and schools to raise standards.

“Artificial Intelligence can’t replace teachers in developing future generations. Technology doesn’t replace the physical act of teaching, or the empathy a teacher can show towards a child’s circumstances. Instead, technology makes teachers more efficient ensuring that they can support pupils better, by relieving any data time-consuming activities, preparing teachers better before class and when starting the new year with a new class, giving access to the latest data or techniques so that they can create a plan of action to support their class and individual pupils to the best of their ability.

“The Bromcom MIS system is one such system with so many key attributes as follows.


One of the biggest assets for a teacher is recording the assessment and progression of the pupils. An MIS system that records such data ensures that the teacher feels supported in improving the performance of their class. The MIS system can then analyse this data.

Bromcom offers teacher friendly, quick, efficient dashboards that drill down into data identifying who needs additional support as well as those who need to be challenged to enhance curiosity and progression.

The Bromcom lesson dashboard allows teachers to write additional notes so when they return to a topic to move onto the next level, the MIS system reminds the teacher of absentees or those who did not understand previous sessions. This develops efficiency in appreciating a child’s needs, reducing wasted time in teaching content that the child has not learnt or understood in the previous step. This helps reduce any learning gap building up in certain areas over time.


The Bromcom MIS assists teachers in identifying children that are not performing at the level they should be. These children need additional help so the teacher can set up interventions and provisions within the MIS, developing a picture of a child in one place providing holistic, not just academic, actions. The Bromcom system supports in the organising, budgeting and identifying stages of whole child development.


Bromcom has a detailed safeguarding module for logging and retaining records of abuse a child has sadly encountered. GDPR compliant, it ensures children are supported and cared for. The user notes down the incident, records actions, body maps, file uploads and feedback/actions. System alerts ensure teachers aren’t alone dealing with the incident meaning providers of pastoral support can also be of assistance.


Collation of information on behaviour is important to understand the patterns and mindset of pupils. Behaviour needs to be recorded so teachers can understand the experience that a previous teacher has had. This will pre-warn of potential disruption that may come to the next teacher and shares knowledge that the child has been championed and needs further positive feedback. Consistent behaviour management is vital.


Communication is fundamental in ensuring that the school and homelife of pupils is synchronised. To ensure boundaries and support is in place for a child to reach their full potential there needs to be a unification of approach between school and parents. Bromcom uses the My Child At School App where parents can support their child, understanding assessment, attendance, behaviour, clubs and trips, exams, homework, if they are on report, school report, parents evenings and timetable.

One of the fundamental functions of an MIS system is to be able to record the attendance accurately within the system. This is to ensure the safety of the children and to ensure they receive the education they rightly deserve.

“The steps towards ensuring that every child matters and can access the right level of education, requires data analysis. As the MIS market moves towards an intuitive space relieving data analysis pressure, it serves to provide more time for the children to receive the best education possible. In turn, the children feel supported and their learning journey evolves in a bespoke way meaning that they will and can achieve.”

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