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Hull-based Latus Health to grow workforce fivefold by 2024

Sam Latus (Chief Operating Officer), Jack Latus (Managing Director) and Will Latus (Chief Financial Officer)

A Hull-based healthcare business has said that the release of its new Connected Healthcare Platform in January will create over 100 new local jobs in 2022, with expectations for its workforce to increase to over 400 by 2024.

Latus Health currently has a team of 85 people who are passionate about digital health. Plans are now in place to more than double in size in 2022, which will facilitate its current booked work and ever-expanding pipeline. The majority of these new roles will be within the clinical team, including nurses and 50+ health technicians.

Jack Latus, Managing Director at Latus Health, said: “The technician roles require no specific previous medical experience, as we run an intensive in-house training programme to train new starters. This includes all the certifications required to qualify as an occupational health technician. This role is perfect for recent graduates and those looking for an exciting career change.”

Latus Health will also recruit a team of 30 physiotherapists and rehab specialists to facilitate its expansion into this area of healthcare. The greatly expanded team will provide the clinical service behind the company’s UK-wide online physiotherapy offering, as well as capitalise on growth opportunities for the provision of physio on a local basis, a service that complements the Latus Training gym in West Hull.

Currently, Latus only provides physiotherapy services as part of its occupational health offering to businesses across the UK. However, the aim is to improve access to physiotherapy through the Connected Health Platform, making physio accessible and affordable to all. As with any growing business, the platform is also creating more central support roles, including sales, marketing, finance, customer engagement, collaborations and partnerships managers.

Jack Latus added: “Our recruitment drive is a great example of how technology creates new jobs. Too often people fear that the development of tech will reduce the need for people, but it is usually the opposite. As we continue our mission to become the first and only fully remote occupational health and wellbeing company, we are on track to grow our clinical team to be 400 people strong by the start of 2024, at which point we will have the capacity to deliver 8,000 virtual health screening appointments per day.

“This is all thanks to the Connected Healthcare Platform software that we have developed, as it wouldn’t be physically possible for us to deliver that many appointments on a daily basis otherwise. The technology allows us to help more people stay healthy and creates more jobs in the process, plus it’s a much more environmentally friendly way to deliver our services. It’s a win-win-win situation. Technology is a key aspect to the sustainability of any business, so people should be embracing tech as a way of securing long-term jobs, not endangering them. If you want job security, check that the business you work for has a clear tech strategy, otherwise it might be your employer that becomes extinct, not your job.”

Despite the difficult job market, Latus Health is confident in its ability to recruit at such high levels. People and Culture Manager, Mike Sison, said:

“We are able to recruit with relative ease at the moment, whereas our competitors are struggling. We put this down to a combination of factors, but on the whole, people join Latus because they buy into our mission and what we are dedicated to achieving. Coming to work every day knowing that your contribution is helping people to be healthy and live better lives is a powerful motivator. We are a relatively young company with an ambitious vision, but now that people are starting to see the results of our hard work, the belief grows and it becomes this positive growth cycle.

“Latus Health is now inviting people to become a part of this magnetic environment. Everyone who joins the team has the same opportunity to progress, and in no place is this more evident than on our board of directors, where three of the four non-founding directors have worked their way up the business and been promoted from within. I guess if you make your mission big and exciting enough, and give people opportunity to progress, recruitment takes care of itself. It boils down to the fact that people want to be involved in something that is successful and which truly makes a difference.”