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Industry heavyweights add voice to cloud leadership debate

Solutionize Global

Solutionize Global, a managed and professional services cloud and tech consultancy, has gathered a range of impressive global industry leaders to produce an extensive ‘cloud leadership’ white paper – that’s free to download now.

Digital giants including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Servicenow and Cloud Industry Forum have contributed critical insight and advice surrounding the challenges of being a leader in a cloud and technology-driven workplace.

Containing more than 30 contributors from C-suite professionals, the comprehensive guide details how today’s workforces should utilise cloud and multicloud methods, the tech trends that will impact the future – including 5G, AI and IoT – and the important role people play when future-proofing their enterprises.

Debating the effects of digital transformation, authoritative figures explain how correctly utilising smart tools can help organisations foster a collaborative, diverse and inclusive environment – empowering employees to be autonomous, flexible and resilient, in order to drive creative change through a tech skills shortage.

Commenting on the challenges that rigid enterprises may face, Chris Pope, Servicenow’s global vice president of innovation, said: “The consequences of not embracing digital and the process of moving fundamental work operations to new cloud-based, service-driven platforms leads to something of a vicious circle.

“Firms start to haemorrhage employees who look to move into roles where they will be more productive. And, as a result, the company is left with a digital skills shortage.”

Adding weight into how tech will continue to transform organisations and the ways in which they operate, Alex Hilton, chief executive officer of Cloud Industry Forum, believes everyone working in the sector has a duty towards driving teams towards a modern-day business model.

“Whilst cloud services have enabled new technology – such as AI – they are also the answer to managing much of the complexity that businesses now face. However, there’s still a long way to go, and the support has to be there from everyone,” he says.

“The industry has a responsibility to ensure its customers are on a realistic path – organisations must be focused, set achievable digital transformation goals and feel able to lean on vendors when needing the necessary skills and support.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Tulip, chief operating officer of Software Cloud and Klaxon Technologies, explains how diverse workforces can help enterprises evolve at the rapid rate digital disruption presents, and remain ahead of the curve.

She adds: “So many organisations within the technology sector still have all-male boards. In fact, only 17% of roles within digital are taken by women and so that alone says we can’t be thinking representatively.

“Culture comes from the top. We take our lead from those above us, so knowing who and what you want your business to truly represent will affect and define everyone who comes through your door – from customers and suppliers to your growing team.”

Highlighting the reasons why the white paper’s focus concerned cloud leadership, David Bentley, chief executive officer of Solutionize Global, said: “As technology pervades every aspect of our lives, the human-centric side of organisations is a compelling story to tell.

“How these people then align to provide the best customer experience and outcome for an organisation is an ongoing challenge that tech firms across the globe have to continually navigate.”

He continued: “There are many plates for a digital leader to spin and this Cloud Leadership guide looks to provide insight and answers to those operating in the tech space from their peers.

“We hope our publication provides people with a mass of critical information into how IT infrastructure and cloud services should sit naturally across processes, operations and people.”

Solutionize Global provides end-to-end professional and managed services for the technology sector and prides itself on offering a true partnership with customers. First established in 2009, it operates from headquarters in Wakefield, Yorkshire. The 10-strong team works with globally recognised brands including Vodafone and NHS Digital.

To download a free copy of the cloud leadership white paper, visit the Solutionize Global website.