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Interview: Sheffield start-up launches free cybersecurity webinar series for SMEs

Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels

Hadageto, the secure service for document management, filing and sharing, is on a mission. The start-up, with teams spanning Sheffield, Berlin and Chicago, wants to help small businesses to work remotely.

“We all try to be careful about what we click on, share and download. But do you really know how to store and share documents securely?” Simon Ellis, co-founder, asks.

“Small businesses are busy adapting to get through COVID-19 and lockdowns in 2020. It’s proving to be such a tough year for so many. Cybersecurity and how we handle important information have become rapidly more important concerns, but a lot of businesses weren’t ready for that to happen.”

“Our mission is to help those businesses to stay safe, communicate securely, speed up essential tasks like sharing and tracking business critical documents, and to help with digital enhancement.”

Hadageto has launched a free webinar series which will start on 18 November, aimed at helping SMEs achieve “organised greatness”, Ellis says.
The team has identified a disconnect between ‘going digital’ and how a lot of small companies operate.

“Many small businesses thrive on their personality. They are trusted by their customers because they’re familiar, friendly faces with strong reputations for getting things done for the right price.”

“That applies to accountants with individual clients that have used them for years, tradespeople who deliver essential jobs for offices and houses, care homes looking after our most vulnerable people and consulting businesses who have a lot of admin to do for themselves.”

“Our webinars will enable those businesses to have conversations with us – real people! Embracing digital solutions to do business can be a faceless, daunting prospect and we’re changing that.”

“It’s not going to be a cure for insomnia – we’ve all seen those webinars before. We’re offering free, fun, interactive sessions with simple tips on keeping your information safe.”

Ellis has done this successfully before. He was involved in building and supporting one of the first successful cloud based digital records management platforms in the UK. His Hadageto co-founder, Mark Snow, founded SafelyFiled in the USA. Now they’ve gotten together to specifically help small businesses and individuals.

The first webinar will also include an expert guest appearance from Reynold Leming, Chair of the UK & Ireland Information Records Management Society.

To sign up for Hadageto’s free #1 Work From Home webinar, register through their website or Twitter.

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