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Lancs marketing success leads to Google call-up

A Lancashire digital marketing expert’s online business acumen has been recognised through a personal invite to sit at Google’s top table for a day.

Usman Bagas’s prowess in catapulting boiler breakdown cover specialists 24|7 Home Rescue to prominence online was rewarded with a VIP call.

Usman’s rate of conversion, from initial customer interest to confirmed sale, was found to rival the other big players in the market.

It led Google’s executives to invite Usman, 24|7 Home Rescue’s digital marketing director, to their UK headquarters in London for an in-depth advancing performance briefing event.

The day-long event gave him access to the methodology it uses to help businesses acquire clients online, such as through AdWords and Google Analytics.

Other topics included how to influence potential clients between their first visit to a website and making a buy, and how people use multiple devices, such as laptop and mobile phone, before making a purchase.

The future was also taken care of in a talk on how machine learning, described by Google as the fourth evolution in computing – after computers, the web and mobiles – is set to start.

Usman said: “Google is world famous and its online advertising tools are essential to most businesses who want to grow their presence on the internet.

“The day spent with its marketing and digital specialists was hugely insightful and a great experience for me.

“It gave me almost unparalleled access to how it views online marketing and how its experts are forever looking for new ways to engage with businesses.

“That I have been recognised by Google as being influential through my work is a special achievement and one of which I’m very proud.”

He added: “The internet is a critical area of business and understanding how it can be used beneficially, by creating an interesting, interactive experience for potential customers, is vital.

“24|7 Home Rescue has been very progressive in its use of the online world, it has become a crucial element of our business, helping us expand quickly and effectively.

“I’m delighted that I’ve been able to use my skills to help bring such success to the company.”

Usman’s digital know-how is reflected in 24|7 Home Rescue’s consistent growth, especially over the past 12 months.

In that time, the firm has expanded its engineering department more than 1,000 per cent.

Such has been its development nationally that it can now compete against the biggest players in the home heating sector.

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