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Launch of World-First Tailored Takeaway App

FoodPenny, a revolutionary takeaway comparison app has launched for the Teesside area today, providing regional consumers with a brand-new way of ordering, by comparing restaurants after selecting dishes.

Responding to the growing change in dietary preferences across the UK, and the recent lockdown restrictions, FoodPenny has been established to give both choice and flexibility to the user, in one easy to navigate menu: a world first for the market.

The development team behind the new app includes founders Urfan Durrani, Hamza Zaim and senior team member Raza Durrani, who bring together a wealth of experience from both the food takeaway market and the technology arena. Collectively the team have spent two years researching and developing the platform, having received support from investors and trusted partners.

Urfan Durrani, Founder and Director at FoodPenny, comments: “We felt there was an opportunity to challenge the traditional food delivery market, placing the consumer and their personal preferences first. We are very proud to now offer this unrivalled platform in terms of approach, options, and indeed the pricing structure – a world first!

Adopting a comparison methodology, the FoodPenny app enables the customer to compare their takeaway options from the range of restaurants that can supply the tailored requirements.

Urfan Durrani continues; “So, if it’s a chicken korma without nuts, or a vegan pizza you’re after, FoodPenny will offer those favourite dishes, food styles and cuisines in one easy menu, listing takeaways that can meet your requirements.”

The platform also offers a different philosophy from traditional apps in allowing partner restaurants to connect directly with customers based on the qualities of their food and dishes, and not simply because of company brand or paid listings.

Abdul Shokri, from Papa Kals Pizzeria in Stockton – a FoodPenny restaurant partner which opened in August this year, commented: “FoodPenny provides a win-win for the consumer – and the retailer: delivering exactly what the customer wants while enabling the retailer to market to the right people in a cost-effective way.

“Furthermore, FoodPenny provides insights into what’s working and what can be maximised, helping me – and others – to grow their business and adapt in real-time, not least in this current, challenging market. Quite simply, I believe it’s set to revolutionise the industry.”

Naveed Khan, from Khans of Middlesbrough, an established restaurant of over 40 years, comments: “FoodPenny is a very exciting new prospect – a true champion for local businesses and local customers. It is a unique business model which gives the retailer full financial control, and comes at a great time for our restaurant, and indeed the industry. We are delighted to be on board!”

The FoodPenny app works alongside trusted providers for all card and financial processing, and currently lists a significant number of restaurants within the Teesside area, allowing the user to compare price, distance, food hygiene rating, customer popularity and approximate wait time all on one list.

FoodPenny Founder Hamza Zaim, comments: “We know that it’s the people in our communities who make it possible for us to have access to such convenient food services, and during the lock down period that has been more apparent than ever. FoodPenny has been developed to provide fair operating costs for our partners and customers alike.

“We are delighted to finally be launching the app and are looking forward to the initial feedback from our Teesside trial.”

FoodPenny will be rolling out across the UK over the next year, following the initial Teesside launch.