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Leading digital development agency launches new service designed to put people back at the heart of online experiences

Enigma Interactive, one of the UK’s leading digital development agencies, has launched a dedicated content design service to support their clients to enhance their online experiences, invest in platform accessibility, and elevate their online performance in 2024.

Based on Newcastle Quayside, Enigma Interactive is a 40-strong team of digital innovators, creative developers, and digital strategists. The agency is consistently rated one of the best digital agencies in the UK and high-profile clients including Superdrug, National Power Grid, and the NHS have already embraced the new content design service to evolve how their clients’ digital presences are serving their target audiences.

Steve Grainger, managing director of Enigma Interactive said, “Post-pandemic we have seen a significant increase in the need for digital solutions that guide users to find information or manage their services online quickly and easily, and whenever it is convenient for them. The addition of Enigma’s content design offering allows us to work with our new and existing clients to ensure that user needs are at the heart of all online interactions.

“More than ever, consumers are looking for consistent and considered online experiences, which are purposefully designed to fit with how and where they are using the platform in question. Content design goes beyond just creating compelling visuals, it’s about helping the end user achieve their goals as easily and enjoyably as possible. That goal depends on how they are engaging with our client, but it could be anything from purchasing a product to finding and connecting with your team, or accessing information like test results. Well-designed content guides users toward successful outcomes.

“As part of this service, we start with a person-centric approach to establish the user’s needs, preferences, and potential pain points to create content that resonates, informs, and guides them through their experience using their website or application. Empathy and understanding of human needs are crucial parts of building something informative, useful, and impactful. Ultimately we are here to bridge the gap between the tech and the human that is going to use it by putting ourselves in their shoes and understanding the bigger picture.”

Enigma Interactive has partnered with Superdrug, a leader in the health retail space to enhance its online services, including developing and designing an online pharmacy website that integrates with the NHS prescription service.

Speaking about the project with Superdrug, Steve continued, “The aim was to make it as easy as possible for users of the Superdrug pharmacy website to complete their intended tasks, taking into account the varying digital confidence of users and possible health or accessibility issues which may be at play. Whether it was finding out information about the online pharmacy service, ordering prescriptions, or managing their accounts, the enhancements were delivered to create a seamless, inclusive, and user-friendly experience for Superdrug customers.”

Alongside partnering with Superdrug, the Enigma Interactive content design team is also in the process of delivering a programme of work for National Grid to digitise the process of connecting customers to their energy network. The programme of work focuses on the design and development of self-application platforms and supports users in the adoption of new processes.

Enigma Interactive is headquartered in Newcastle, with a second presence in London, and works with clients from all over the UK to develop highly effective digital strategies and run digital transformation programmes as well as build high performance websites, content management systems, interactive platforms, and apps.