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Leeds Entrepreneur’s six figure investment into concierge service

Matt Haycox
Matt Haycox

A leading Leeds entrepreneur and funding guru has taken a step into luxury with a six figure investment into West London based concierge service One Hundred Lifestyle, and it’s sister business, the travel agency Zero Zero One Travel.

Both One Hundred Lifestyle and Zero Zero One cater to discerning clients looking for lifestyle management and perfectly tailored custom holiday experiences. Founded by Albert Oliver, who has worked for concierge businesses including Quintessentially, two years ago, both businesses aim to provide elite service and experiences but without elite price tags.

The investment from Matt Haycox will be used for enhancing brand visibility, marketing and PR to enable to companies to reach new individuals. Over the years, Haycox has helped thousands of businesses funding everything from factory machinery to desktop computers, new buildings to acquiring stock, along the way creating thousands of new jobs and money for the British economy.

Albert Oliver, who runs his business from Hammersmith, says: ‘I had a vision for a concierge service that was more than a glamorous call centre. I wanted to run a service where we actually get to know our clients and form personal relationships with them. I got to the stage where I wanted to scale the business and turn it from a grass roots company into something much more impactful, but felt I needed a partner for the strategy and big decisions. Matt is the perfect person for that and having spent all day in a meeting with him I can already see the impact that will be had from the way he thinks and structures deals.’

Matt Haycox says: One Hundred Lifestyle and Zero Zero One are the kind of brands that I’d want to use in my personal life and therefore I feel they are something I can relate to and add value too. I jumped at the chance to getting on board when Albert approached me for funding and advice for scale to build the business up. He’s a bright entrepreneur with a great future ahead of him.