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Lindt Ireland appoints retail data specialists Talysis Ltd

Chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli has appointed Wetherby based Talysis Ltd to provide the company with in-depth convenience retail sales data and insights for its Irish business.

Talysis will be providing the company with data, reports, and insight tools which will provide Lindt with a greater depth of understanding than ever before.

The tools will ensure Lindt receives valuable insights regarding new product launches, promotional activity and customer data, for example, as well as access to historical data therefore allowing the company to identify key sales trends.

“By working with Talysis Ltd we can ensure we are receiving reliable, accurate and detailed sales data that we can trust, which enables us to clearly understand how our brands are performing within the Irish convenience market,” said Ciarán Owens, Marketing Manager for Lindt Ireland.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Lindt Ireland,” said Matthew Liddle, Operations Director, Talysis Ltd. “In an increasingly competitive market, data driven insights are critical to maximising a brand’s sales potential, and our aim is to provide Lindt with the tools and insights they need to help them take commercial advantage.”

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