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Manchester Company Launches Portable Oxygen Machine to Wake You Up

Manchester Company Launches Portable Oxygen Machine to Wake You Up

Following on from the success of Hextio, a compact air purifier that is ’10 times more efficient’, Radic8 are back with a new innovation that promises to keep the afternoon slump at bay by delivering oxygen. INBair O2 is a personal oxygen purifier that delivers concentrated oxygen through a phone style headset. The campaign will launch in April on Indiegogo.com, where for four weeks backers will get up to 40% discount.

Radic8’s current range of air purifiers are capable of removing even the smallest virus and gas particle from the air, and with current concerns about air pollution, global sales are growing quickly. But CEO and designer, Richard Greenwood realised that removing pollution is only one part of creating quality indoor air. In busy office buildings there can be a marked drop in oxygen levels throughout the day. As Richard explains, “everyone is using up oxygen, and breathing out carbon dioxide. As the afternoon progresses, we experience that ‘slump’ and it’s actually because we’re fighting for oxygen”.

Unlike other ways of fighting tiredness, such as going for a brisk walk or taking a nap, INBair O2 allows the user to carry on working while it takes effect. And they can also wave goodbye to jittery side-effects from overdosing on caffeine. “I feel refreshed, lighter. The tiredness that I felt is gone” one early tester noticed. “There’s so much going on right now that we can’t afford to lose an hour or so of productivity every afternoon. We designed this to help keep us sharp and get that competitive edge” Richard told us. But making it a designer product was also important. “It doesn’t look anything like a typical oxygen machine, and because it’s not a medical product, the price is a lot less too.”

To entice early backers to the project, they are offering a launch day discount of 40%. After that backers will get up to 35% off. The funds will be used to mass manufacture the product, which is expected to be ready for delivery in June.