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Manchester cybersecurity specialist launches talent search

British cybersecurity specialist Secarma is on the lookout for ethical hacking talent, and a new managing director, as it seeks to build on the growth it has achieved since it acquired Pentest Limited in 2016.

Secarma owner Lawrence Jones, also of UKFast, is on the hunt for 20 additional ethical hackers to fulfil the growing market demand for penetration testing.

Jones said: “Since acquiring Pentest, Secarma has grown significantly. The last two years have been a very steep learning curve for us but an exciting one.

“Secarma is a brilliant business full of bright individuals with incredible technical skills. It’s time now to really expand and we’re looking to build a management team to make Secarma a £100m business in the next 3-5 years. It is likely to involve more acquisitions but more immediately it requires serious expansion of the team.”

Headquartered at the FastForward project at UKFast Campus, Manchester, Secarma’s team of CHECK, CREST and CBEST accredited cybersecurity consultants work remotely from locations across the globe.

Jones continued: “Our pen testers have an excellent reputation for delivering world-class service, but it’s important they have plenty of time to work on their own challenges and research alongside day-to-day client work.

“It’s this research that enables them to learn new skills, keeping them at the forefront of the industry. We don’t want to turn this into another average consultancy firm that works pen testers flat out for 24 hours a day. We want to retain and attract the best people to deliver the best service to our clients.

“Our approach to development clearly works. Last year at DEFCON, a global hacking contest, the Secarma team was the only British firm to win in competition against the very best in the world. That record speaks for itself.”

Secarma came out on top in two competitions at the world’s largest hacking convention in Las Vegas last year, exposing more IoT (Internet of Things) vulnerabilities than any other team in the last four years.

With Pentest founder John Denneny set to retire, Jones is also on the lookout for a new managing director and further senior hires to bolster Secarma’s leadership team.

Jones added: “John is retiring and while he’s been instrumental in getting us to this level, this is an exciting opportunity for a new managing director with a similar vision to myself to build a £100m business.”

Secarma provides advanced threat analysis, compromise simulation and tailored red team operations to enterprise-level organisations and government. With a high percentage of CHECK and CREST accredited cybersecurity consultants, the firm advises clients of all sizes across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.