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Manchester lawn care business announces growth of 382%

Carlos Real and Joshua McNicholas

TotalLawn, based in Bury, has experienced an impressive trajectory since launching in 2020

Lawn care provider TotalLawn has today announced an impressive turnover growth of 382% year on year.

The business, whose products include a range of lawn feeds, seeds and lawn treatments, was founded in 2020 by childhood friends Carlos Real and Joshua McNicholas and has gone from strength to strength since launch. With a multi-million pound, TotalLawn gained 20,000 customers in the first twelve months and their Luxury Lawn Feed has since become the third best-selling fertiliser product on Amazon, with a huge uptake from professional lawn care technicians. The company now employs four full time staff and four flexible warehouse staff and a new Operations Manager.

Total Lawn’s founding duo, both born and raised in Manchester, identified that lawn care products on the were all very similar, despite massive variations in price. After spotting this gap in the market and liaising with chemical manufacturers, the team were able to come up with a formula that was scientifically the best on the market. The formula created approaches ratios of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium that are unrivalled by other leading brands, opting for a slow release of Nitrogen to prevent an overdose of chemicals on the lawn that would otherwise cause nitrogen withdrawal, and discolour the grass. The winning formula includes Calcium Oxide, rarely used in fertilisers due to its expense, but its addition will benefit lawns in the long run, as over time it will require less fertiliser to grow.

Managing Director Carlos Real said:
“The lawn care industry is small and cut-throat and it’s really difficult to separate yourselves from the competition. Our lawn care products are premium quality and always ensure that coverage is even, which is why so many professionals have switched to our products. Previously, fertiliser was only available in large bags, and so our aim was to offer fertiliser in quantities that are more suited to the average lawn size, hence our decision to sell in smaller bags instead.

“It may sound like a cliché, but we really care about our customers, we go above and beyond the industry standard with our product and customer service and believe this is one of the key factors in our success.”

“We have some exciting plans coming up in the next few years, namely expanding to the US in 2023, and we won’t stop expanding our range until we become the biggest lawn fertiliser company in the UK.”

TotalLawn’s products, which include a range of lawn feeds, seeds, lawn treatments and a tell-all book, are available to purchase now from the TotalLawn website.