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Motion Designer Matt Taylor joins Leeds Motion Design Studio, Northforge

Matt Taylor's work.

Northforge, the Leeds based animation and motion design studio, welcome a new designer, Matt Taylor.

Recently Northforge has witnessed a period of rapid growth. This led them to seek new talent that would compliment and bolster the studio’s offering and aesthetic. For some time Matt’s innovative style had captured Northforge’s attention. Going by @emty01 on Instagram, Matt has attracted attention from his peers for his unique and interesting take on motion design.

His passion for coding mind-bending 3D, which is not only beautiful in form but functions on a much deeper level, challenges the viewer to work out how it was produced. As a self-proclaimed geek, Matt’s Instagram page is a testament to his exploration into the endless possibilities of motion design.

Integrating Houdini into his workflow allows him to do this with scripting and tooling at the heart of everything he does.

On joining Northforge Matt Taylor says:

“The staff at Northforge are among the most talented individuals I’ve ever met. So it wasn’t a difficult decision to join the team. I hope that my style and approach helps to build upon their reputation. In a world where every agency is seemingly being asked to re-imagine old work, I believe that the Northforge team can break new ground for others to follow.”

Northforge Managing Director Matt Simpson comments:

“Bringing Matt into Northforge was a no brainer, we’ve been long admirers of each others work, so it always felt it was a matter of time before we worked together, but it’s fantastic to actually see it happen. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge amount of growth, not only in sales performance but also in the type of projects we’re getting involved with. We’re looking forward to seeing what Matt can add to the team, as it really sets us up for an exciting time ahead.”