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Moving on up! Government-backed careers initiative selects Leeds agency for a second year

Nev Ridley, Managing Director at ilk Agency

ilk Agency, an integrated marketing agency based in Leeds, has been re-selected by the logistics industry to continue its creative marketing and communications Generation Logistics campaign for a second year.

Supported by the logistics industry and backed by the government, the initiative aims to attract fresh talent into the sector. ilk Agency will deliver a full range of marketing services to raise awareness and change sentiment towards the logistics industry, encouraging people to consider a career in logistics.

During its successful first year, ilk generated widespread awareness for the Generation Logistics brand through development of a creative identity, construction of a comprehensive campaign website, and building extensive PR and social presence, surpassing ambitious targets along the way. In only 12 months, ilk’s work resulted in a 140% increase in positive sentiment, and an 11% increase in awareness of the logistics industry.

For its second year, the campaign will continue to target young people as potential employees of the future, as well as extending its reach to teachers and careers advisers, by showcasing the diverse, dynamic, and rewarding roles on offer in the modern industry.

New age-specific platforms and social media channels will be created in order to ensure brand voice resonates with audiences aged 13-24 years, both online and off.

Speaking about the decision to renew their partnership with ilk Agency for its second year, Bethany Windsor, Programme Manager at Generation Logistics, said: “The campaign is a really exciting initiative, and ilk has risen to the challenge. From day one, we’ve needed strategic, integrated, and multi-channel support, and that’s exactly what ilk provides – as well as a huge amount of high-level creative support. Even better, the metrics we set to measure success have been exceeded across the board and this made the decision to continue our partnership into Year 2 an easy one.”

Nev Ridley, Managing Director at ilk Agency, adds: “Generation Logistics offered us the sort of challenge we love. It allows us to be the integrated, multi-service agency we aim to be, and add strategic value across all marketing channels. We’re delighted by how things went in year one, and even more excited for year two. We feel like the potential for Generation Logistics to grow even further as a campaign is huge, and we want to make sure it delivers on its promise.”