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New support service helps businesses survive growing cyber threats

Left to right: David Horn and Matt Hewison

Helping businesses protect themselves from growing threats to their finances and reputation is the aim of a new all-encompassing support service from North East-based CyberWhite.

The CyberWhite Support Service (CSS) has been launched to offer bespoke cyber security services to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to ensure their sensitive data is not breached and reducing the threat of business being interrupted.

Matt Hewison, chief operating officer at CyberWhite, which has offices in Middlesbrough and Sunderland, warned the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and present increasingly complex challenges to organisations.

However, engaging CyberWhite ensures businesses can mitigate the risks, without the need to employ specialist staff.

Matt said: “The CyberWhite Support Service can help businesses address the increasing challenges posed by the cyber threat landscape, which can result in their services being interrupted or sensitive data being breached and extracted – with the financial and reputational fallout from this being potentially devastating.

“Our new service puts in place bespoke risk mitigation strategies to support businesses to secure their most critical information assets.

“This will make us a trusted, integral and invaluable part of any team.”

The CSS is tailored to suit specific organisational requirements, with services including incident response planning, staff awareness and training and governance, risk and compliance advice with the aim of protecting sensitive data.

The support service also offers a virtual chief information security officer and dark web and company profile reports to prevent digital credentials being sold by criminals on the dark web.

Testing for security scams and penetration testing and access to the CyberWhite technical security helpdesk are also part of the service.

Matt says all good security programs for organisations need to assess the robustness of their systems through regular scans, vulnerability assessments and testing, which is a key part of the CyberWhite Support Service.

He said: “Knowing your vulnerabilities and how attackers might exploit them provides tremendous insight that you can use to improve your security.”

In addition, the virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service see CyberWhite take time to understand an organisation’s culture, compliance requirements, risk tolerance and internal processes.

The CyberWhite Support Service can be procured for 12, 24 or 36 months and standard support is delivered during normal office hours.