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New Yorkshire Energy company joins the energy market

A new northern energy company called Yorkshire Energy have launched in the hope of helping energy customers switch from the ‘big six’ to a smaller, fairly priced new energy firm.

Yorkshire Energy, a brand new business based in Leeds, have launched a new website which gives useful energy saving tips to readers who are ‘in the dark’ about their energy, are encouraging consumers to make the switch from the ‘big six’ to a smaller and more reliable company.

Executive Chairman of Yorkshire Energy, Peter Connolly said, “As a Yorkshire­based company, we believe in good value, excellent service and fair, easy­to­understand tariffs. Customers are increasingly voting with their feet and leaving the larger providers to find a better deal from one of the newer suppliers who are cheaper and more responsive. We’ve been working on this new offer in the domestic energy market for a number of years ­ now we are live!”.

It remains to be seen how successful Yorkshire Energy will be, but with a professional website giving useful, valuable information to possibly confused customers, it’s a bright start for a company who care about its local community.

Yorkshire Energy is a privately-owned business and the key difference in the way it operates compared to the big six is how it will handle any queries, which will be dealt with by their experienced team based in the heart of Leeds. Yorkshire Energy doesn’t currently have any overseas shareholders investments, so with a focus of not necessarily being the biggest, instead the best, customers looking to make the switch can feel reassured they’ll not have to wait on the phone to a call centre offshores.

With recent news in the energy market that SSE is the final firm to join the other five energy brands in upping the yearly costs, customers are becoming increasingly concerned that a rise in costs is unjustified and unfair. With new energy firms joining the market, it is suggested by Which? that customers look to make the switch to smaller firms.

Customers concerned about the price of their energy bills at home are encouraged to contact Yorkshire Energy directly.