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North West Law Firm celebrates success with expansion into Yorkshire

A small high street practice based in Marple Bridge, Bridge Law Solicitors Ltd, founded in 2016 by Claire Stewart has grown from strength to strength opening additional offices over the last 12 months in London and Wilmslow. The firm have now expanded in to Yorkshire opening an office in the heart of Holmfirth.

The firm differentiates itself from many law firms through offering tailored services from its’ small local offices to meet client demand through technology and flexibility.

Their expansion and client base have proven that it is not necessary to be a big city centre law firm to be successful and the primary northern locations have not limited the ability to gain clients locally, nationally and indeed internationally. The firm commit themselves to resolving clients’ cases as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, without lowering standards. Throughout any case the firm deal with, they tailor the service offered to the client and their individual case.

Clients are constantly able to be in touch with an experienced solicitor. The firm is committed to offering flexibility to clients through advising clients not only in their offices, but through home visits, skype, telephone consultations and more.

The firm’s newest office in Holmfirth aims to give them a local presence in Yorkshire, the friendly atmosphere of the town reflecting the atmosphere clients should expect when visiting the firm.

The Holmfirth office will day-to-day be managed by Carol-Anne Baker, a local Yorkshire solicitor who specialises in family law with over 25 years’ experience who has spent most of her career based in West Yorkshire. Carol-Anne on the opening of the Holmfirth office says “It’s exciting to be part of the firm expansion and opening an office in my local area where folk like to deal with folk and not a faceless entity is great. Have to say the 15-minute commute to work is an added bonus!”

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