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Oddsphere Now a Listed Supplier on The Crown Commercial Service

Left to right: Directors Tony Cheetham, Damian Donnelly, Hayley Cowburn.

The Manchester Software Company have been added to the UK Government’s Digital Outcomes & Specialist 4 framework, which has generated £1.45bn since 2016.

Oddsphere is a growing software company in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and has seen rapid growth in 2019, following a microfinance injection of £50,000 from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. As part of Oddsphere’s growth strategy, the company is opening up to more markets and becoming a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Digital Marketplace will invite opportunities from public sector organisations.

The CCS organises its public sector suppliers into sector “frameworks”, from construction to financial services, digital services, fleet and travel. Oddsphere has been enlisted on the Digital Outcomes & Specialist 4 framework, where they will be offering the public sector expertise in:

  • Azure Hosting
  • Bespoke Server Software Development
  • Umbraco Website Development
  • Bespoke Desktop Software Development
  • Custom Software Integrations
  • Shipping & Posting Solutions (Shipster)

Customers of the CCS include The Home Office, Police Constabularies, the NHS and the Food Standards Agency. Each have their own set of requirements that can be matched to the ideal supplier within the available frameworks.

Other suppliers on the CCS include Capita Business, BAE Systems, IMB and Sigma.

Upon joining the framework, Marketing Director Hayley Cowburn comments,

“We’ve taken on some big challenges in industries such as pharmaceuticals, where the technology utilized must be completely watertight. We’ve met the rigorous standards of these industries and perceive selection onto the CCS as both an honour and opportunity to further show our quality.”

Oddsphere is best known for the shipping software integration Shipster, which is used by clients such as MissPap (BooHoo Group), Skatehut, Mawdsleys-Brooks and Beer Hawk. Oddsphere is also partnered with the Royal Mail and Peoplevox.

Public sector organisations can find Oddsphere on the gov.uk Digital Marketplace and learn more about Oddsphere’s shipping software at Shipster.to

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