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Padiham-based business Flow XO explains why using chat bots for customer service is so useful for businesses

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Based in Padiham in the North West of England, Flow XO specialises in providing feature-rich, reliable, and dependable chat bot services to businesses. Their services are simple and easy to use for businesses with any level of experience, thanks to their easy-to-use visual designer, and excellent support available.

Providing fantastic customer service at every step is a hugely important part of operating a successful business. Customers that leave with a positive impression of your business are more likely to come back time and time again. They may even recommend you to friends and family, too.

There are many ways that you can provide great service. Chat bots are a really useful resource that many business make use of to do exactly that. There’s a lot that goes into providing great customer service through chat bots. This article will detail why it can be so useful for businesses to use chat bots to provide customer service.

Consistency and efficient support

One of the most useful aspects of using a chat bot in your business is that they can scale easily and effectively. No matter how large your business is, every customer will receive the same level of instant support from your chat bot. This can be really useful when it comes to generating a positive reputation for great service in your industry.

A well-implemented and feature-rich chat bot will also be able to integrate easily with a wide range of other systems in your business.

There will also be a huge selection of modules that you could integrate into your chat bot platform in order to provide thorough and effective tailored service based on your business needs.

For example, customers might use your chat bot to quickly handle interactions like booking an appointment, ordering something to be delivered, or updating their information. Because the customer doesn’t strictly need to call your business, they can take charge in these instances at their own pace in their own time, without adding to your staff’s potentially heavy workload.

24 hour support

Chat bots don’t have a set working schedule, and there isn’t a strict cut off point where they’ll stop providing customer service. This means that customers can get in touch and interact with your business at any point during the day.

It might be late at night and your business hours are over. A customer can still use your chat bot to schedule orders or update information without needing to call up and contact a member of your staff.

This constant level of support is also useful even during your regular business hours. During peak business periods, there might be a short waiting period on your phone lines. If customers are left waiting too long, there’s a risk they get frustrated and look elsewhere for a solution to their needs.

This is where chat bots can help. Instead of waiting on hold, customers can choose to sort out some issues with the services and features a chat bot can provide. Your business could also use a chat bot as a sort of funnel, guiding customers to the right department while taking pressure of your support staff overall.

Cost-effective customer support

As more and more work comes into your business, it’s often the case that businesses will hire additional staff to better manage the increased workload.

However, chat bots can help you better handle an increased workload at a lower cost than hiring more full-time staff members. Essentially, you can work more efficiently as a business by integrating a chat bot with your current workforce, instead of needing to pay more new staff.

Many smaller or simpler queries can be easily and quickly handled by a chat bot without needing the time or input of one of your staff. This frees up your staff for the longer and more complex customer interactions that require more time to handle well. Providing such dedicated and professional service to the customers who do need to talk to a member of staff is sure to help your business generate a great reputation over time.