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Secrets to authentic leadership are laid bare in new book

Unprecedented global events of the past two years have led many organisations to reflect on whether there are better ways to operate, to seek out a new path that is profitable, yet wholesome. One discussion gaining popularity is how feminine and masculine principles in leadership can be integrated together and who better to lead this discussion than a successful business leader who also happens to be a former Stripper?

In Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt from the Stripper (, Paulina Tenner ‘Kicks the Patriarchy in the balls’ (Sam Conniff Allende, author of bestselling “Be More Pirate”) by presenting a unique perspective on emergent social change in the world of work. A true trailblazer, Paulina challenges the status quo of how companies are set up and scaled and proposes a truly radical alternative of financial transparency and self-set pay. Practicing this approach in her own company, GrantTree, over the last decade, Paulina has built a team of 50 and raised over £200m for more than 600 technology start-ups and bigger companies.

“Being a stripper taught me more lessons than I could possibly imagine, a lot of which I’ve been able to apply to my business life. It also fed into my development as a leader. It helped me reclaim a different way of relating with my feminine part and therefore a different way of being and acting in the world. I became more open-minded and, at the same time, more whole as an individual,” explains Paulina.

“My approach has shown that it is indeed possible to create a workplace which combines focus on wellbeing of staff with profitability, where you are able to increase retention of staff and attract top candidates to your company because of outstanding culture. Workplaces are changing forever as Gen Z workforce demands more benefits to do with a wholesome company culture, so don’t be left behind!” adds Paulina.

Laid Bare : What the Business Leader Learnt from the Stripper (£12.99, John Hunt Publishing) is written by Paulina Tenner. The ebook is available to buy now on Amazon with print copies available from 31st January 2022.