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Sheffield City Region Set To Launch Global Innovation Corridor at MIPIM 2019

Sir Nigel Knowles, one of Sheffield City Region’s keynote speakers at MIPIM

Sheffield City Region has revealed its exciting itinerary for MIPIM, the world’s largest annual property conference to be held in Cannes (12-15 March 2019). This includes an extensive programme over the three-day event, with inspirational speakers who are leaders in their respective industries, which is set to generate interest from global investors and developers who attend.

Mayor Dan Jarvis’ vision for a Global Innovation Corridor is set to be the main focus for Sheffield City Region (SCR) as it aims to form business relationships, attract investment and showcase the region on a global stage at the conference. Through the Global Innovation Corridor, SCR aims to grow the region’s advanced manufacturing, wellbeing and digital clusters, underpinned by reliable, green and highly-connected transport infrastructure.

The Global Innovation Corridor will link assets such as the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District, the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University’s Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, the National College for High Speed Rail, Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre and Doncaster Sheffield Airport. As a result, the Global Innovation Corridor will be a magnet for people, industry and innovators from across the world.

Sir Nigel Knowles, special advisor on international trade and investment to Mayor Jarvis, said: “As we build our vision for a Global Innovation Corridor connecting people, places and ideas, MIPIM provides an excellent opportunity to engage with international partners – and forge new investment partnerships.”

He adds: “MIPIM provides an annual opportunity to bring together the best of the private and public sectors in our region, and unites them to show the world what makes Sheffield City Region such an attractive place to live, work and invest in. We have a packed programme of events set to inspire investors and developers and I’m therefore delighted to be leading the SCR delegation once again.”

Sheffield City Region’s action-packed programme at MIPIM will showcase the very best that the region has to offer and the investment and development opportunities that exist. Highlights include the Northern Powerhouse panel session, which features Sheffield City Region alongside partners including Leeds City Region; the launch of the Global Innovation Corridor and a seminar focusing on Innovation-led growth.

Owen Michaelson, Chief Executive Officer at Harworth Group plc, one of SCR’s sponsors at MIPIM, said: “The region has a big story to tell in two respects; the quality of the assets it has at its disposal including the Advanced Manufacturing Park and Doncaster Sheffield Airport, alongside what it contributes to the quality of discussion and key policy matters such as placemaking and infrastructure.

“Land and property-related businesses in the region should therefore not underestimate just how important MIPIM is in establishing and refining potential deals and cultivating new relationships. Being part of a wider delegation helps this process and we recommend others join us in sponsoring the region to promote its assets and expertise.”

One of the partners joining the Sheffield City Region this year is Sheffield Hallam University. Director of estates Daniel Ladbury said: “We are committed to the Sheffield City Region, providing leadership to drive improvements in social mobility, health and the economy. Our industrial partnerships allow us to address the skills gap and helps business grow and our research is characterised by a focus on real world impact – addressing the health, cultural, economic and social challenges facing society today.

“Our property developments will support these ambitions by creating exciting new spaces for students, staff, visitors and businesses to better engage with the University and each other, supporting the activity of the City Region.

“MIPIM provides us with an invaluable opportunity to showcase this work to a global audience and champion the Sheffield City Region as a strong proposition in which to live, work, learn and invest.”

Matt Hutton, associate director at Bond Bryan, said: “Bond Bryan has worked within and alongside the Sheffield City Region for the last 30 years. Our heritage began in Sheffield and we continue to work extensively in the region. We are incredibly proud to be supporting SCR again this year as they continue to develop an increasingly engaging plan for our region.

“MIPIM is about being surrounding by like-minded professionals who strive to drive growth in our region; it’s invaluable to be able to get a wider perspective on where the market is heading and to build new and lasting relationships.

“Property is a ‘people business’ and MIPIM offers the spontaneity of engaging in discussions, informal meetings and chance encounters in a relaxed atmosphere. Overall there is a universal openness to new people and opportunities which is really refreshing and is reflective of the confidence within Sheffield City Region at the moment. It’s a truly exciting time.”

Other partners joining the SCR delegation include the University of Sheffield, Harworth, Scarborough Group, Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Atkins, JF Finnegan, Strata, Irwin Mitchell, BE Design, Bond Bryan, Litton Properties, Verdion, IBI Group, Ask4, HLM Architects, David Lake Photography and Arup.

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