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Telcom launches pioneering portal for new Wholesale division

Telcom Wholesale

Telcom today unveiled its new partner business, Telcom Wholesale. Designed to enable its ever growing partner base and leverage cost effective data and voice connectivity. They have also developed a pioneering portal that gives partners access to an unrivaled number of national carriers, for critical, affordable infrastructure as businesses’ ever growing demand for capacity and bandwidth increases. With more businesses moving towards a fully cloud dependant operating structure the need to expand their services and deliver on a global scale has never been more poignant. Telcom has continued its organic growth year on year and shows no signs of slowing with the introduction of its wholesale arm.

Telcom Wholesale diversifies the wholesale carrier market by offering an extensive route to up-stream carriers infrastructure. Benefiting not only from major carriers but also making use of boutique fibre network providers such as The Loop and CityFibre. This approach continues to challenge the status quo in the telecoms sector. Lead by Product Manager David Whitworth-McGregor, the team has an ambitious growth strategy over the next three years. The plans include extending the wholesale offering to include cloud services, unified communications as a service and international voice and data.

Co-CEO’s Shaun Gibson and Doug Ward said: “The launch of Telcom Wholesale is a huge change in the channel market space and represents our commitment to providing an outstanding connectivity experience. We have recognised the numerous barriers customer’s can face in this marketplace and launched a service that we wish had existed, one that is crafted by the customer for the customer. In a world of extensive automation we recognise the need to keep up with changing technology, which is why our portal blends automation with a human experience. We see Telcom Wholesale not only transforming the user experience of wholesale connectivity but becoming the most comprehensive tool in the space providing a storefront for the longtail of regional infrastructure assets. We look forward to empowering our partners and in turn enabling them to help jointly transform the UK’s internet.