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The Cookware Company partners with Dept to launch e-commerce

The Cookwear Company GreenPan

Cookware manufacturer The Cookware Company has partnered with international digital agency Dept, whose UK headquarters are in Manchester, to heighten the digital experience for its various brands. Today the first webshop has been launched for the GreenPan brand.

The Cookware Company is preparing for the digital future with scalable, user-friendly e-commerce websites. In order to easily implement adjustments and extensions, the international webshops are built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud and set up to scale easily. The new GreenPan webshop has first been launched in the UK with plans to roll out into other countries in phases. In the meantime, Dept is also working on e-commerce sites for its other brands.

Gilles Holl, Chief Digital Officer at The Cookware Company: “We know that there is still enough to be achieved digitally to better meet customer needs and promote online sales worldwide. With a user-friendly webshop and a new design, we pursue our e-commerce ambition and take the first steps in our digital vision. There is still a lot to do and we look forward to further expanding this together with Dept.”

“As an ambitious global company who are future-focussed, they are the ideal partner for us,” said Katy White, Client Partnership Director at Dept UK. “As part of our next phase, we will be supporting The Cookware Company across websites, campaigns, branding and data optimisation, allowing us to unify technology, creativity and data into our work.”

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