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100,000 Thank-yous going to UK hospitals to show gratitude to frontline workers

Warehouse team

Vyne, a new eco-friendly home delivery service powered by Optimum Medical Solutions Ltd., sponsors the ‘Posters for the People’ street campaign in Leeds by printing 100,000 pieces of art as stickers. These stickers are to be put on all urology, lubrication, and PPE products supplied to NHS hospitals and the community across the UK. The pieces of art convey messages of love and positivity to show gratitude and support to frontline workers.

Vyne is further supporting the campaign hand in hand with other local businesses as well as Leeds City Council. Vyne Director Gareth Rimmington is excited about the sponsorship: “Our frontline workers have done incredible things over the past year and for us it is very important to show how grateful we are for all their hard work and effort. And if these stickers can put a smile on someone’s face then that’s exactly the type of difference we want to make to their day.”

The ‘Posters for the People’ campaign has transformed 450 sites in Leeds with vibrant billboards and posters designed by 19 renowned UK artists. All of the pieces that can be found across Leeds include positive and supportive messages, thanking frontline workers for their continued efforts. Members of the public can buy copies of the posters, with all the money raised going to Frontline19, an organisation that provides free psychological support to everyone working on the frontline.

About Vyne

Vyne is an eco-friendly home delivery service that provides a better, greener, and easier way for people to receive their healthcare appliances and medication. It’s a one-stop shop designed to be as easy to use, digital, and convenient as possible. And all of that with sustainability in mind! Vyne can dispense all NHS prescriptions and delivers required medications and appliances directly to the customer in eco-friendly packaging. The best thing? There’s absolutely no extra cost to the customer or the NHS. Vyne even covers the delivery charge!